The wisdom of hindsight.. what a wonderful thing to have.

But wouldn’t it even more amazing to have the wisdom of ‘foresight’. How much would you be willing to pay if such a thing existed?

Lessons learnt from real life experiences often become our most prized asset, much more valuable than learning something from a text book. Yet, if we would have known beforehand what was in store for us, we would have avoided the experience at all cost!

I dare say Grada would have much preferred not being hit by a truck. I would certainly have avoided my near death from drowning at age 19, when I lost my best mate in a rafting accident.

Would we be the people we are today if we could have dodged those defining moments?

Probably not.

The pain, heartache and suffering forged us into the people we are today.

The question is, do we really have to go through all this to learn valuable life lessons?

What if there was a different way? A way we weren’t shown during our formative years from 0 to 8?

A way of living and being in this world that nobody portrayed to us in our teens or early twenties simply because nobody knew about it?

Our parents believed that we came into this world as little babies who are completely ignorant. Some people even believed babies don’t feel anything at all. Babies are blank slates, empty containers, waiting to be filled with instructions, programs and belief systems of the well-intentioned parents/carers so they don’t turn out into ‘monsters’ or criminals.

Children are not raised to be autonomous. They are taught to be good, to fit in, to be obedient etc, there are so many conditions to fulfill that soon they lose their connection with who they really are and even the memory of their authentic self or higher self is forgotten. (I am also talking about your’s and my inner child here.)

Society also has many ways of conditioning us and moving us further away from our inner self/intuition.

Did you know that our musical notes resonate at certain frequencies? Before WW2 all the music was composed to a frequency of 432 Mhz. This music stimulated and nurtured the right side of our brain, making us more creative, artistic, loving, sensitive and connected to our heart. It promoted peace because the right side sees the bigger picture and wants to collaborate and communicate honestly.

Just prior to the start of WW2, the powers-that-be dictated that ALL instruments had to be tuned to the frequency of 440 Mhz. This vibration creates dissonance and stimulates left-brain dominance. This makes us more systematical, analytical, detailed, argumentative, competitive and scientific. It promotes black and white thinking. You are wrong, and I am right or vice versa.

Musical compositions from that time on have a destructive effect on society rather than a healing effect. Even ancient hymns and lyrics sung on a frequency of 440 are not inducing a spiritual state now.

Some musicians, like John Lennon refused to change his music and we all know what happened to him. Why am I going on about music suddenly, I hear you ask!

Well, this change of frequency has shaped our society as you know it (to a degree anyway).

Male dominance, a society where bureaucracy rules and common sense has gone out the window, institutionalised conditional thinking…. All this has had a limiting effect on us. It has created massive levels of disconnect at work, in our relationships and within ourselves.

We start our life as a perfect, all knowing, unconditionally loving, trusting and open, miniature human being. We are taught very quickly that we aren’t the centre of the Universe, which makes us question our self-worth, and soon we start to believe we are flawed, unlovable or not good enough.

We survive our childhood but we often don’t feel ‘alive’ anymore. We don’t allow things or others to come in, we have forgotten how to play or desire things for ourselves.

We are vigilant in protecting ourselves from emotional or physical pain. We become experts at it, keeping our true self locked behind walls. We tend to forget how to have fun or how to experience togetherness, mystery and trust.

We become lonely, depressed and anxious. We are constantly looking over our shoulder. We modify our behaviours so we don’t get punished, or rejected or shamed.

We spend the rest of our lives running away from the fear of abandonment or the fear of losing ourselves,

instead of looking for real meaning or self-expression.

Sometimes the Universe will intervene. It will throw us into a deep crisis and if we still don’t learn we go from one trauma to the next. The Universe loves us and is trying to awaken us, to help discover or uncover our true nature so we finally experience joy, peace and lasting love.

What if there is a way to return home to yourself without attracting more traumatic experiences?

A return to love and connection and trust? These 3 are the glue within our relationships. How do you repair what has been damaged if you don’t have the answers and your previous role models don’t either?

That is what our Surge to Success weekend is all about.

It offers you a short cut to your innermost, deepest self so you learn to tap into your inner wisdom. You will experience deep and lasting healing, often within the first few hours and you will learn practices and exercises that you can implement easily on your return home so you stay on track.

Special price of: $999 (you save $3166)

Surge to Success – Weekend Retreat 30th & 31st March

Even if you can’t remember when you last felt safe or appreciated, during this weekend you will experience a real shift in your inner and outer world. People at home or at work will respond to this inner shift and suddenly show you the respect and recognition you have craved.

You will become more intuitive as you connect with your own inner self. People will be drawn to you for your wisdom.

You will learn how to harness the powers of your unconscious mind, and discover the warning signs your body sends out, so you can avoid disasters in the future and start to feel safe and confident.

80% of the people in our hospitals are there because of a stress related illness.

You’ll be learning simple tricks to stay relaxed and rock solid when pandemonium breaks out around you.

All your relationships benefit from this weekend! How many of you would like to be out of the relationship that you are in, at least sometimes? I don’t blame you, because never before have relationships undergone such massive shifts, and emotional IQ is more important now than ever.

The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life!

In this Surge to Success weekend you will get to the heart of your relationships, so you experience a level of freedom and intimacy you have never felt before.

This workshop will be conducted in the safety of a small, selected group of heart centred men and women, while you are being supported and laser coached by Grada. Grada is one of the most empathic presenters I know, and she is a gifted intuitive healer with 20 years of experience in the human condition. She will easily uncover your pain points and show you how to move forward, without you having to get stuck at the same place of tension over and over again.

I will be present as Grada’s coaching buddy and am there to support you every step along the way. I will be sharing some of my epiphanies and life lessons with you. Grada and I have studied with the best global leaders in our field and we constantly invest in ourselves because we want to come from a place of utmost integrity. We walk the talk.

We laughingly call this weekend our Surge to Success incubator. Take one last look at yourself before you walk in on Saturday morning, because you will leave transformed on Sunday night.

Attending our Surge to Success weekend is like paying it forward. You gain the benefits of ‘insight’ rather than costly hindsight!

Throughout 2018 I have been fortunate to attend the Surge to Success 1, 2 and 3 courses.
At the time, I was feeling so tired, juggling a busy lifestyle, wearing many hats and trying to always be a great support to my loved ones. My battery was flat, I had lost my “mojo”. I lacked self confidence and always doubted myself.

S to S helped me to open up my heart fully again. I learnt to love myself with all of my heart. I understand now how to love and accept all aspects of who I am – the light and also the dark. As confronting as this was, I worked through these emotions to release distorted childhood memory that I was still living as my reality in adult life now. Working with my inner child helped me greatly in healing and nurturing emotions I experienced as a child. By reflecting on my story, I could collate all the jigsaw pieces together to form the puzzle of my life.

I realised that I held onto so much sadness deep within me that had been there a very long time – possibly ingrained in my DNA. I also realized that my reality was in fact a reflection of everything within me – the positive and the negative.

I had been living inside my incessant monkey mind head bubble and learnt how to quickly move into my quieter core within myself. This has helped me cope much better with outside stresses of daily life – to remain in my own state of peace instead of trying to pull the monkey off everyone elses back. I now put myself first! A huge breakthrough and so empowering. I now express deep compassion not only for others but also for myself. My husband told me
recently that I seem more assertive and he is delighted to witness a confidence and assertiveness. I have taken off the mask to reveal the authentic me. I now have a voice! Moving forward, I have sets my goals high and pave the way with shoulders held back, love in my heart and volume in my words.

I have learnt to trust in my higher self and intuition and this trust has been beneficial in learning healing corrections at Surge to Success. I no longer question if I am “doing things right”. I know that whatever comes to me is correct.

I have so very much enjoyed the company of other women – the sharing of experiences and stories which have resonated within my own heart. Lessons learnt from others. Grada is a wonderful teacher – her passion comes through – often revealing the raw truth of our emotion. The truth was confronting for me but cut through the barriers to deep healing. My purpose is totally clear now … to love and be loved – unconditionally. And guess what… I have my mojo back!!!

L. Thomas
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See you there! Peter

This ‘deep dive’ weekend goes for 17 hours, which is worth (17 x 245 =) $4165 when you work with Grada in private.

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