From Pete’s Desk ….

I spent 25 years pounding hospital corridors, taking care of patients.

Between age 25 and 45, I delivered babies, looked after the sick and elderly, worked on surgical and medical wards, did a stint as “matron” at a regional hospital, went out in the ambulance and did everything in between.

It was an enriching and fulfilling time of my life.

In my early forties I began to study and practice natural therapies.

I wanted to discover ways to prevent rather than treat pain and dis-ease.

I had decades of medical and scientific background and now I was asking myself, how do we bring healing to the world?

The truth is the body wants to function perfectly.

Life force energy flows through us every second of the day.

How can we jumper cable this life force after it’s been kinked, so fresh energy starts to flow to every cell of the body and full recovery from illness and accidents can happen?

Your body has the blueprint for perfect health stored inside the DNA, and all day and night long, it is aiming for wellness, just like we see in nature.

If a bomb is dropped in the middle of a forest, after several years we won’t be able to tell it had ever fallen there.

The ecosystem will have repaired itself and the forest regrown.

Did you know:

  • You have a completely new body every 11 months?
  • Your red blood cells are new every 110 days.
  • Your white cells, which form and important part of your immune system are new every month.
  • And your eyeballs are a complete miracle; this intricate structure is new every 48 hours.
  • Your liver, which is your detoxification centre, is new every 6 to 8 weeks.

And that is because we are part of Nature.

The power that created the body heals the body, in the same way that the power that created the forest repairs the trees, fauna and flora after a destruction.

Look at the trees in the forest.

They live and flourish together without anyone telling them how.

The mycelium network all through the ground is their communication network.

We as humans have set ourselves apart from nature, taking on a superior attitude.

Believe it or not but well over 90% of the DNA isn’t human.

It belongs to the bacteria of our ecosystem, because that’s what we really are, a walking community of bacteria.

If we stop bombing ourselves and give our bodies the nutrients and elements of this ecosystem it needs, we can achieve vibrant health.

Since 2000, I have seen tens of thousands of clients at our facility.

Michelle came to me with a nine-year history of chronic gastrointestinal tract issues.

She was only in her late twenties and had spent thousands of dollars seeking answers from specialists for all those years with no avail.

Some medications helped for short periods of time but then the explosive, uncontrollable diarrhoea returned.

It dominated her life, and her life force was totally drained from malabsorption of nutrients.

Her weight loss was very evident.

People judged her for being anorexic but all she wanted was to start gaining weight and become healthy.

She returned following her initial consultation saying, “I think I’m cured”!

It was only 3 weeks later!

Three months later she asked, “when do I stop gaining weight?”

She had a healthy glow showing she was well on the way to wholeness (means healthiness).

I have so many stories to share, of clients who received a breakthrough and now live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, but today, I am interested in you!

If you have lingering health issues that you can’t get to the bottom of, book in with me and discover what your body needs.

Your body has probably been sending you many messages, and I can help you interpret the signs and symptoms of your body, so you can achieve health, happiness and fulfillment.

Ring our team on 03 64283007 or click here go to book online.

Your partner in health,