It’s possible to change a leopards spots, as this story proves. I had only been away a few days, and during that time, our wildly overgrown vegetable garden had been transformed into a brand spanking new chook yard, securely fenced off with rabbit wire. It even included a chook shed and nests for future egg laying. A few days later we were the proud owners of four chooks and two ducks.

That’s when we realised we had a problem: our adopted cat Rastus had a taste for chooks. We suddenly remembered the reason the previous owners had given him away: he killed their pullets, and they had a chook farm. The two didn’t go together.

In our rush to fulfil a longstanding dormant dream (to be healers in the bush, with a small menagerie of well behaved pets) we had conveniently forgotten that Rastus was a chook killer machine.

Before a few minutes had passed, it became evident that Rastus hadn’t forgotten his earlier chapter of his life. He was bristling with friskiness. Much as he tried to hide his excitement, it was obvious he thought that all his Christmases had come at once. He climbed the curtains, stormed around the house, clawed my antique couch and sharpened his nails in preparation for his next move, which came an hour later, when we were alarmed by loud cackling close to our house.
We raced outside, to find Rastus lying in the midst of overgrown vegetables and weeds, biding his time, with a foxy look on his face, feigning innocence.

We kept him locked in our bathroom that night, much to his disgust. The next day, Sunday, we released him hoping he had learnt his lesson. Unfortunately, all we had achieved was to whet his appetite for more cat and mouse play. Before long we had to rescue a distressed chook that Rastus had craftily separated from the rest. He clearly was in his element, savouring every moment of terror he was inflicting on the hapless chook, prolonging the agony for all it was worth.
I saw my dream of all sentient beings living in harmony around our Purple House wellness centre shatter to smithereens, while Peter gave Rastus a stern lecture. With a disgruntled Rastus under his arm, we trundled back to our house where we discussed our options.

Option number one: get a big strong cocky rooster and hope he is ‘man’ enough to protect his girls. Option two: find some sort of contraption to tie round Rastus’s neck to prevent any further killing sprees. And option 3: make the chook yard completely cat proof by roofing it in.

That’s when I had a stroke of genius and discovered option 4: I could give Rastus a kinesiology session and simply delete his killer instincts. Before Pete could change my mind, I got to work there and then, with Rastus lying on the loungeroom mat, recovering from his disappointment and preparing his next hunting escapade, licking his chops at the thought of it.

Within seconds I had tuned into his hunter gatherer program and deleted it, along with any vestiges of foxiness towards hapless lesser beings. How did I know that? Well, I actually didn’t have any proof that my session had worked, but halfway into the correction I intuitively felt that Rastus experienced a moment of intense grief, which I took as a fact that the ‘hunter’ had died.

Before I had time to console him, Rastus jumped up, raced around the corner and in true Garfield style, attacked my Surge to Success notes by shredding them to bits. (I had my next weeks lessons prepared on paper attached to my whiteboard). Rastus had never feigned the least bit of interest in my workshops, but he clearly knew how to retaliate and lash out where it hurts most!

Pete and I rolled around the floor with laughter. We have one clever cat! Not knowing what to expect next, we a held a wary eye on him for the rest of Sunday and kept him inside for another night. By the end of the following day we had to admit that a miracle had happened: Rastus had been cured from his chook-killing-addiction. Our chickens and ducks were safe, Rastus was more loveable and relaxed than ever, and our dream of living amongst the trees, chooks, ducks, cats, cows, dog, donkey and grandkids was back on track.

These days Rastus follows me all over the property, and he doesn’t even bat an eyelid when we pass by the chooks. It’s as if they don’t even exist. Not even when they cackle provocatively.

For good measure we did get a macho rooster, and Peter heightened the fence in places, but as far as Rastus is concerned, the chooks are dead.

What’s the moral of this story?
I am not sure, I just felt like sharing it.

Perhaps there are a few things to take away from it:
1. A leopard can change his spots after all
2. Addictions can be overcome
3. We can be tuned up to represent our highest self
4. We can be an instrument for peace where ever we are
5. Animals have feelings and emotions and a high IQ
6. Animals can be understood, and their feelings can be interpreted
7. There is more than one way to skin a cat! When you have a problem, the solution isn’t far away. Keep having a go till you find a satisfactory answer.

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