Lavender is lovingly called the Mother of essential oils by world experts because like a mum, Lavender oil is soothing, nurturing, uplifting, calming, stimulating and balancing all at the same time. World wide it is the most popular essential oil with an outstanding track record. How is it possible that a single oil is capable of doing all that? If you want to know the answer to this secret join us next Tuesday night when Nicolas pays Tasmania a flying visit to share his expertise with the local people of the North West! He is the world expert on growing, harvesting and distilling the world’s purest Lavender oil. He is the perfect choice to present the Lavender story because he is the farm manager himself from the Young Living farms in the South of France.

Who is he? Nicolas Landel was literally born into lavender. At his conception, both his parents were working at a local distillery and lavender fumes filled the air. This was also the time when his father, Jean-Noël Landel, began his partnership with Gary Young and the beginning of Young living.

At the ripe age of 6 months old, he received a foot massage with lavender oil from Gary that has become legend. He spent his youth playing in the lavender fields and being surrounded by essential oils. For the past three years, Nicolas has been working alongside his dad at the French farm, learning from Gary and the other Young Living farms as he travels the world for Young Living oils. This passionate life-style is what he categorizes as “awesome” and his talent for languages and natural people skills have made him perfect for it.

​He loves learning all about how aromatic plants become essential oils: cultivation; harvest; distillation and gets excited about the latest discoveries in the field. True to the nature of the Young Living company he wants to share everything he knows with anyone who is interested so making the world a better place.

There will be some very special surprises during the night!
This is also a great opportunity for all farmers in the area to hear how things are done in France. Young Living is always looking for opportunities to find new farms or sharefarmers and this is an opportunity to show the fastest growing essential oil company globally that our district is one of the best in the world! Who knows, this evening could be the beginning of bigger and better things!

Whether you are an avid essential oils user or whether you know nothing about any oils, Leap in Lavender on Tuesday Evening is an experience not to be missed! Let’s show the rest world that we Tasmanians are serious about an awesome lifestyle!

​Ring the Purple House on 64283007 to reserve your spot.

If you place an order at the event a $15.00 credit from your ticket price will be applied to your order. There will be more specials announced on the night.

​The Lavender Event was originally planned for Hobart but was moved to Forth because of the strong show of interest by you in previous essential oil events! This evening will prove to be the best one yet, because Nicolas is an ordinary person just like you and me. Farming and people are his passion and Lavender runs through his veins. He will make sure you get bang for your buck and keep you glued to the edge of your chair all night! Bring your partner, friend or workmate and become part of the change you want to see in the world! Can’t wait to see you there, Grada!