“You look stunning!”

“Your eyes look different!”

“The sun is beaming from you!”

“Have you done something with your hair?”

“You’ve totally transformed!”

Those are just some of the comments from people in the days following the Surge to Success weekend! Amazing I know… however rewind to the days, months and years before and my body told a different story.

A story that consisted of pain and trauma.

I had major spinal surgery at the age of 15, which involved months in hospital, flat on my back unable to even sit up and eventually learning to walk again. With that came a bucket load of emotions, some I didn’t even know what they were let alone know how to process them.
Christmas and New Year was spent in hospital. The following months/year involved constant Physiotherapy, medical appointments, walking aids and feeling disconnected from friends.

Age 17 I had a motor vehicle accident which resulted in multiple broken bones and bleeding on the brain.

A few years after that I had my spine operated on again as the surgery I had when I was 15 needed to be done again.

Then in my early 20s I had another motor vehicle accident involving a truck, one that nearly took my life. 6 months in hospital in another state away from young son and a body almost broken from head to toe, a missing kidney, facing the rest of life in a wheel chair, 30+ operations and another bucket load of emotions I couldn’t process.

So fast forward to the present and I’m left with unprocessed / suppressed emotions, physical pain in all of my limbs, living in a state of constant of fear, anxiety and terrified what life will throw at me next! Wondering what it feels like to feel “at peace”.

That was until I did Surge to Success…. which takes us back to the compliments I started receiving.

“You look stunning!” = I felt stunning on the inside!

“Your eyes look different” = The sadness and pain had gone from my eyes!

“The sun is beaming from you” = I felt warmth in my heart!

“Have you done something with your hair?’’ = I had come alive again and so had my hair!

“You’ve totally transformed” = I was no longer holding onto a lifetime of pain, sadness, anger, guilt, shame and fear!

I was suddenly feeling what it felt like to feel at peace!
I’m excited to now be living in a state of happiness not Fear!
I’m looking forward to the future with dreams not anxiety!
Surge to Success has changed my entire life! With a ripple effect on those close to me!

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surge to success weekend

surge to success weekend

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