Rare opportunity!

Kinergetic workshops in Forth in 2017

By world renowned Kinesiologist

Philip Rafferty


When: Sunday Jan 29. BNT $225. repeat $45.   BNT stands for his one-day Balancing Nutrition and Toxicity (BNT) workshop. Many people with chronic pain, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have experienced significant improvement during the workshop.

Weekend of Feb 4/5. Unit 1. $450. repeat $90.

Weekend of Feb 11/12. Unit 2. $450. repeat $90.

Weekend of Feb 18/19. Unit 3. $450. repeat $90.

Where: 47 Wilmot Road, Forth

Phone: 64283007 to enquire or book your spot

Of all the healing modalities out there Kinergetics is one of the most difficult to explain, one of the most obscure, and yet one of the most effective in the way of getting results fast, permanent and pain-free! Other than massage and Biomedx, it is one of the most popular treatments we use at the Purple House and now you have the opportunity to learn it yourself!philippurple.jpg

Kinergetics is a combination of ‘kinesiology and healing energy’ and was discovered and developed by Philip Rafferty. Philip is recognized as one of the Greats in the kinesiology world and has helped thousands of people worldwide to recover from serious trauma and pain in record time.
I too owe my health to Philip who came into my life at a very low point of my recovery from a serious truck accident. I recorded the full story of the accident and how Philip helped me here: https://www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au/peter-grada-robertson/   it’s a very interesting tale and you might like to share it with friends or family who are going through a dark place.

After he helped me turn my health around (I had just been released from a psychiatric hospital where I had been admitted for panic disorder) I attended all Philips workshops. I was so blown away by his knowledge and the results I got at work that I repeated the full workshop again, always learning more. Kinergetics became the back bone of my work and I use it daily with newborns, family members, clients who suffered trauma or abuse, people with chronic pain and the very elderly. Kinergetics can be applied in combination with all other therapies. So who is this genius by the name of Philip?

Philip was born in England in 1948. In his early 20’s he decided that he wanted to travel, and the boat fare to Australia was very cheap, so that is where he set off. He never imagined he would settle there, or raise his children in the far country. After arriving in Australia in 1973 he travelled and worked at various jobs.

In Queensland he went into a health food shop where a petite lady was busy Muscle Testing for food sensitivities. Philip was intrigued how the placing of sugar next to his cheek could cause him not to be able to hold his Anterior Deltoid Muscle (the muscle you use when you hold your arm out) in contraction, no matter how hard he tried, even with a very petite lady testing him with no effort. He was also amazed that his body could show that sugar affected him.

He decided to find out more, not knowing how it would completely change the course of his life. He attended a Touch for Health workshop (a basic Kinesiology course) and then travelled to California to do the Touch for Health Instructor Course. He came back to Australia with a burning desire to help people have better quality of life through Touch for Health. He settled in Victoria. Kinesiology was in its infancy in Australia at this time, and the following years he sponsored many kinesiologists to come to Australia to teach their workshops.

He studied all the major branches of Kinesiology, and was the Founding President of the Touch for Health Association in Victoria. He also started the now popular business “Equilibrium” which sells kinesiology products and related materials to health practitioners. He was the driving force that got Touch for Health out to the public in Victoria in those years. In the 1980’s Philip developed a busy practice and gained lots of hands on experience and insights. He also studied Iridology and other Energy Healing modalities.

After doing lots of practice and experiments he learnt that when he combined Kinesiology with Healing Energy, any powerful correction could be made very easily. In July 1991 he started his first one day course. It taught people the principle of correcting all energetic imbalances with healing energy, directed to the spots where the body indicates it was needed. Kinergetics was born and has now been taught in 20 countries to over 20,000 students and translated into five languages.

In 1995 Philip developed a TMJ workshop called RESET. This enables people without any muscle testing skills to balance the muscles and ligaments, by holding the jaw muscles between the hands, in various positions. This allows the body to do its own corrections and has worked miracles for 1000’s of people.

Because Philip accessed deep levels of healing through his procedures, it made it necessary for him to develop ways to keep the body hydrated. He had been working on detoxifying heavy metals in clients, and found that some of them were ‘spinning out’ as he described their condition. He felt obliged to prevent this from happening and developed a hydration technique that hydrates clients very deeply before commencing detoxification procedures. Once hydrated, all of the body’s elimination channels are open for speedy detoxification.

All chemical reactions in our body take place in a water medium. So imagine how sick we get when even small parts of our body are not properly hydrated. Stress and trauma cause the pituitary gland to send a message to all the cells of the body to lessen water absorption, and this is another reason why chronic stress is so destructive, and why we give our clients a glass of water after a massage.

Anything that relieves the stress response will cause the cells to open up and absorb water and to expel toxins. Even after treating 1000’s of people, Philip hasn’t seen one person yet who is properly hydrated in all parts of his/her body, and who didn’t benefit from a Kinergetics session.

So it is the hydrating of the body that allows for major corrections and shifts in the body energies to happen so quickly. Pain of all kinds can be erased easily and effortlessly. Back pains, TMJ problems, Candida, and many life altering conditions can be reversed or eliminated in only a few Kinergetics sessions, even if people have suffered for years.

There are protocols for MS, arthritis, and Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia to name a few. Chronic clients have frequently tried many forms of healing, both conservative and alternative, and in most cases the electro-magnetic field of the human body is the only ‘system’ of the body that has been left untreated.  Tweaking of this field with kinergetics is often all they need. For instance it is easy for a physiotherapist to tell that a muscle is tight, but this knowledge does not lengthen the muscle, only exercise will do this. Psychology will help a client to see dysfunctional beliefs, yet this insight will not shift the emotional pain of that belief, only daily attention and continuing help will do this. Kinergetics can instantly lengthen muscle and shift dysfunctional beliefs! More importantly the effects are lasting due to the emotional release at age of cause. As a result Counselors and Psychologists as well as Physiotherapists across the globe now use Kinergetics.

Philip’s own journey hasn’t been without hardships. Shortly after he arrived in Australia he became very ill with chronic ulcerative colitis. Doing hard physical work outside in the hot sun which his body wasn’t used to after coming from England, he soon found himself in hospital. Over the next 5 years he struggled with the Colitis and at one stage lost so much weight that he only weighed 46 kilo’s. His health improved with proper diet, fasting and kinesiology.

Amazingly enough he felt the fury of cyclone Tracy in Darwin a year after he arrived. For a whole 7 hours he thought he was going to die. He was lucky to come out alive, and feels that after su119620.jpgrviving those traumas the rest of his life is a bonus! Philip enjoys being out in nature and going for long walks in nature.

Philip’s passion for teaching never wanes. We are lucky that Philip owns a house in Deloraine, so we get to see him at least once a year, when he returns in the summer. His expertise is so much in demand all over the world that he teaches and lectures overseas for many months of the year. In spite of being an incredible genius Philip will never let his fame get to him and treats everyone with equal love, care and genuine interest. He keeps on discovering new shortcuts to healing which he freely shares in his Master Classes.

In January 2017 Philip does his yearly Intensive in Deloraine and for the first time ever Philip will do a series of classes in Forth in our new learning space at 47 Wilmot Rd Forth. Make the most of this unique opportunity to study one of the world’s most powerful healing therapies in a beautiful serene teaching area, surrounded by healing gardens for you to relax in when you are not practicing or lying on the massage table. For a healthy lunch you will be able to pop into Alchemy Café.

Check out www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au for many miracle stories on kinergetics or click on https://www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au/kinergetics/ for a full description.

resized_20161024_192949Kinergetics can be used in conjunction with any other healing therapy, including modern medicine. There is essentially no limit to what can be treated by this therapy, the only limit is the practitioner’s skill, and when you see Philip at work it is like watching one of the masters and he will inspire you to become a master yourself.  Unlike many other therapies, you stay fully dressed while all the major muscle groups are tested and corrected.

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