Kinergetics Kinesiology Intensive 2018 with Philip Rafferty.
• BNT, Units 1-6 & Master Class
• Jan 7th-23rd 2018, Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia.

 Who is Philip Rafferty?

Philip studied all the major branches of Kinesiology and was the Founding President of the Touch for Health Association in Victoria, Australia. He studied Applied Physiology, Three–in-one and N.O.T. He started the now popular business “Equilibrium” which sells kinesiology products and related materials to health practitioners. He also studied Iridology and other Energy Healing modalities. Having amassed 35 years of Kinesiology experience, he was granted the prestigious ‘Fellowship’ status with the A.K.A. (Australian Kinesiology Association).

Kinergetics Kinesiology was created in 1991 by Philip and is now taught over 7 separate units. It is taught in 20 countries to over 25,000 students and is translated into eight languages.

In 1995 Philip developed a TMJ workshop called RESET. This enables people without any muscle testing skills to balance the muscles and ligaments, by holding the jaw muscles between the hands, in various positions. This allows the body to do its own corrections and has worked miracles for 1000’s of people.

If you’re interested in facilitating really deep physiological Healing and Balance beyond the structural levels e.g. increased Tissue Hydration that can create greater Kidney and Liver efficiency; Heavy Metals elimination; Candida & Pathogenic yeast elimination; Chronic and Acute Pain syndromes (Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) that haven’t responded to other therapies …. TMJ Dysfunction …. and so much more, then come and join us in Deloraine for Philip Rafferty’s Kinergetics Intensive (BNT, Units 1-6 and Philip’s infamous Master Class) .. help spread the extraordinary Healing of this dynamic modality of Kinesiology!

If you are new to Kinesiology then this is the perfect introductory workshop for you!
Complete some of the Units or take the opportunity to learn the ENTIRE Kinergetics system with Philip in the pretty town of Deloraine.
Enjoy bush walks in beautiful Deloraine… reasonably priced accommodation available nearby… free transport…have fun learning
Kinergetics with likeminded people!

You will be able to immediately start working with others to create Deep Healing through balancing the energy of:
1. Organs
2. Glands (Hormones) and
3. Chakras.

These balances/corrections tend to work at a much deeper level, and more consistently than other systems, by virtue of the Kinergetics system of formatting i.e. simple physiological formats into specific body tissues (all pre-written in the Course Manuals) that direct the healing through these pathways, into the target tissues.

Kinergetics Works On:
1. Strengthening the immune system to eliminate and/or balance
candida and other parasites.
2. Strengthening elimination organs to safely remove heavy metals
(e.g. mercury, lead); and other toxins
3. Identify and correct “jammed muscles” (i.e. hypertonic muscles).
4. Muscle stretching corrections for dramatically increased flexibility
5. General balances for peak performance
6. Clear years of emotional trauma that have been holding you
back from achieving your full potential!

BNT- Balancing Nutrition & Toxicity – January 7th
A one day basic Kinesiology workshop taught by Philip where you will learn how to test and correct some of the energetic imbalances caused by:
1. Mercury Toxicity
2. Fluoride Toxicity
3. Zinc/Copper Imbalances
4. Dehydration
5. Dental Braces Trauma
6. General Trauma
7. Fight/Flight

No Prerequisite – all are welcome

In a typical BNT workshop with Philip Rafferty these are some of the results experienced by students:

• 90% of students with Arthritis will experience 75% reduction in pain
• 90% of students with Fibromyalgia will experience 75% reduction
in pain
• 90% of students with other chronic pain will experience 75%
reduction in pain
• 90% of all imbalances found will be corrected
• 90% of students with CFS will feel better

Units 1-6 & Philip’s Master Class: 8th-23rd January

WORKSHOPS: 9.30am-6 pm daily at the Rotary Pavilion, Alveston Drive, Deloraine.
ACCOMMADATION: Local holiday cottages at affordable rates
LUNCH: Make your own at the pavilion, (full commercial kitchen) or 10 cafés in town.
EVENINGS: Picnics, guided bushwalk rainforest & waterfall, see the local platypus.
DAY OFF: Depends on the weather and available cars. Take time to relax and see Deloraine.
EXAMS: Competency exams will be offered at the end of each unit in the Rotary Pavilion for repeat students who wish to continue their studies to become a registered Kinergetics Kinesiologist with the KNA.
REPEAT: Repeat Units 1-6 for $90 per unit!

Registration & Information form available by email from Philip Rafferty:

YouTube – 115 video testimonials:

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