Nobody wants to be in pain for a second longer than necessary unless you are a masochist of course..

Do you know how many people are in pain on a daily basis? Or weekly? Or monthly?

New research from Roy Morgan shows 12.4 million Australians aged 14+ (60.4%) are now purchasing headache and pain relief products in an average month!

That’s HUGE!

The biggest seller is Panadol (paracetamol), which doesn’t do our livers any favours..

We all know that Big Pharma benefits from keeping us in pain.

They have a Pill for every Ill and an Ill for every Pill.

The so called healthcare system isn’t focussed on health but on illness management and perpetuations.

I am not talking about the average well-meaning doctor here, but they too are experts in illness and not in wellness.

I worked with many dedicated, amazing hardworking people in the medical field who really wanted to make a difference in peoples lives, but sadly, doctors die younger than most people. (Too many independent studies have shown that, you can do your own research).

It’d be great if the ‘healthcare’ industry could really focus on health rather than illness, and be rewarded for it!

Now lets get back to how you can have a lot less pain and a lot more energy, without resorting to panadol and the likes.

There are some very simple things you can do for yourself.


Yes, we can’t repeat this enough.

This is the number one thing you can do for yourself.

Along with this you need minerals and trace minerals in the form of pure salt (Himalayan is what we recommend) at the rate of ¼ teaspoon for each litre of water.

Your body requires you to drink one litre for every 30 kg of body weight.

You will experience less pain! Some people who have been to us for live bloods and urine and saliva tests showed they were terribly dehydrated.

They came to find out why they had so many aches and pains, lacked energy and felt very lethargic most of the time.

All they did to rectify this, with people at their work asking them what they were taking, “speed or something”, was drink their water and have their salt.

Plus take extra MAGNESIUM.

It is the essential mineral that promotes relaxation and prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

By taking extra magnesium, you help push the free floating calcium into the bones where it belongs and is required to make strong bones.

If it remains floating around in the tissues or joints it causes what it’s name suggests, CALCIFICATION.

This calcification happens in the wrong places outside the bones and causes aches and pains, from inflammation.

Panadol is often taken for headaches of which the main cause is stress.

Have a guess what helps you to become less stressed to the point of being nicely relaxed?


We were asked on one of our facebook lives “which magnesium should we be taking” because there is a huge variety out there.

I researched the different types and in Sandra Cabot’s formulation called the “Great Relaxer” are two of the smallest, most easily absorbable compounds of magnesium.

A lady in Melbourne watched our FB live who had been suffering with chronic muscle spasms and cramping all down the left side of her body.

Her GP had recommended she take magnesium, which I commend her/him for.

She had been taking some form of magnesium for months with no results.

When she heard us talk she bought the type we recommend and stock, and within 3 days her spasming and cramps had completely disappeared!

Enough about magnesium, which all of us could afford to take to feel much more comfortable.

There is none in our soils so we are not getting any in our diets.

That said, there is very little of any of the minerals in our soils and that is why we need to have plenty of pure salt.

Other things you can do for yourself is stop eating foods that cause inflammation.

Book in for a diagnostic session with me and I can point you in the direction how you can change your lifestyle, which includes correct eating habits, according to your genetic make-up.

I show you how to completely eradicate inflammation from your body, so you look young again and feel your life force return.

We also have some other supplements to assist with fibrous type build up in the body which creates a lot of stiffness.

One in particular called “Infla-Norm”.

Another is “Vascuzyme”

Uh Oh…… I just looked on the shelf and there isn’t a lot of these in stock. Hopefully the shipment is winging it’s way to us as we speak, fingers crossed.

If we give our bodies the things it needs to function correctly we will live WELL.

The cells in our bodies only have a certain lifespan, then die and are replaced with a brand new cell.

Every year you have a brand new body, because healing and repairing is what your body knows best.

I am here to help you iron out the wrinkles on your health journey, and if you take action now, you will feel amazing by the time 2021 come around!

Click on the link below to make a booking for either an hour “diagnostic” session or a Complete Health Analysis.

Yours to great health, Pete!