Have you ever been in a situation where you just cant stand it any longer? Its literally sending you to the toilet several times a day with explosive diarrhoea. This is what you can call something giving you the shits!! I had a client return to see me 3 weeks following an initial consultation and he had been experiencing this exact problem for 8-9 years prior to seeing me. He’d spent well in the excess of $10,000 looking for things to get his life back. Yes it was controlling his life. He couldn’t plan anything because he never knew when he’d have to race to the loo!

He’d visited numerous doctors and specialists undergoing lots of uncomfortable let alone unpleasant procedures all to no avail.

We didn’t go into the metaphysical side of things like what could be giving him “the shits” in his life. Us fellas avoid delving too deep into the emotional side of things.

So three weeks previous to this visit I’d listened to his horror story. He was certainly at the end of his tether, poor guy. I then proceeded to take a few drops of blood from his finger tip to have a look at under the microscope as it was still alive. What we discovered confirmed my suspicions.

The red cells (60% of the cells in our bodies are red cells) were mainly what we call codocytes or in other words very hollow. Red cells are normally a slightly concave disc shape. When they become too concave on both sides they look like donuts under the microscope. Well, Michaels were nearly all like this. Cell membranes give the cells their shape so when the shape is funny the membranes haven’t been formed properly. Now every cell in our bodies has a membrane around it keeping the things in the cell so if we see red cells with odd shaped membranes we can guarantee most of the cells in the body have misshapen and malfunctioning membranes. But where does this fit in with explosive diarrhoea?

Well, the cell membranes are made of fats and oils (lipids) so when we see these kind of red cells (codocytes) we know fats are not being metabolised or broken down properly to form good cell membranes. Going further upstream it is the bile that breaks down fats in our diets. The bile is the waste from the body, filtered by the liver. This bile is then concentrated and stored in the gallbladder. It has a pH of about 9, therefore a very alkaline or caustic substance. Every time the stomach opens and lets out a little bit of very acid food the gallbladder contracts and concentrated bile gushes down the bile duct to mix with it, and in doing so neutralises the acid. Quite a chemical reaction happens here. Its like pouring bicarb soda onto vinegar if you want to picture the explosion that happens.

If this doesn’t happen the small bowel contents remain too acidic and cause a major peristaltic action to happen, drawing water into the bowel to quell the fire and whoosh there you have it – Explosive diarrhoea.

3 weeks later Michael says tentatively “I think I am cured.” !! After 8-9 years you could call this a miracle. I won’t because its simply getting the bile to flow properly and the digestion working properly. The supplement Beetflow (http://bit.ly/2GTYeez) gets the bile runny and an enzyme mix of all the different enzymes to help digest all types of food called Detoxicator (http://bit.ly/2GUCJu0) got Michael’s digestion working within a week he said. These combined with a good probiotic, Immuno-synbiotic Restore (http://bit.ly/2GVrtNV), to reseed the gut with good bacteria that had also been destroyed by the acid, can claim the honour for being called the miracle.


Watch the video below to see the phenomenon of living blood under the microscope and how Pete translates it for us!