25th & 26th May 9.30 – 5.30

47 Wilmot Rd, Forth

$495 per person

($120 per day for repeats)

Includes manual, morning and afternoon tea & laughter!

Phone 64283007 or book your spot online:

Reflexology is the ‘twin’ of acupuncture and comes from an ancient art of healing. Where the Chinese insert needles in certain points of the body to treat illness, we use our fingers to press the reflex points on the hands, feet and ears, with the same results. There are approximately 400 powerful points on the ears and 7000 on each hand and foot. Until we have a reflexology session we don’t realise how sensitive and highly intelligent our feet are and that they are covered in an abundance of nerve endings.

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There are surprising amounts of ways reflexology can help you and your family live a healthier happier life. It can help alleviate headaches, cold symptoms, stress, sleep disorders, back pain, chronic fatigue, digestion, asthma and bronchitis, diabetes, infertility, old injuries and more. Reflexology allows our nervous system to calm down and function normally. Circulation is restored, blood flow improves and oxygen reaches deep into every cell. You will experience an incredible sense of wellbeing.

No prior knowledge is required for this course. All you need is an open mind and a receptive body. Bring a blanket and pillow. This weekend will be a great mix of relaxing and learning new things.

During the workshop, I will teach you how to:

• Reduce anxiety and stress
• Increase focus and clarity
• Encourage the flow of nutrient and oxygen through the body
• Relax sore and tired muscles
• Induce overall relaxation and peace of mind
• Rebalance the hormones
• Stimulate and balance your metabolism
• Boost your immune system
• Use essential oils correctly

Here is what other students said: ‘Thank you for offering and teaching the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and took in everything you taught us including the stories you shared. A lot still replays over in my mind. I was so enthused, I came home the Sunday night & practiced on my partner. I never realized how powerful the human touch/energy is. It’s something I’ll continue to do on family until I become more comfortable (without having to refer to the book/guide).”

‘Thank you so much for teaching me reflexology, my love and passion for natural healing has me driven to keep practicing. While sitting idly watching television I am constantly massaging my hands or feet. I am surprised how many sore spots I manage to find every night but my blood pressure has gradually improved. I also got rid of my chronic headaches and I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I learnt reflexology!’

‘My nephew had sunstroke and I helped him by giving him reflexology for about 10 minutes. He had a light fever overnight and felt completely well the next day!’

During this workshop I will guide you step by step through the simple finger pressure techniques that send soothing energy throughout your body, instantly relaxing and relieving old aches and pains.

At the conclusion of this 2-day intensive you will feel confident to work on yourself, your children, your parents and your workmates! You will be able to achieve lasting relief from aches, pains and illness by unlocking the healing energies already present within your body, with the help of the centuries old secrets of reflexology.


Reflexology will not only relieve pain, but in most cases, it will also remove the cause! Mother Nature has given us a convenient way of freeing ourselves from pain and ill health. Through reflexology you can enjoy a healthy relaxed lifestyle. What’s more, you will save money by avoiding doctor’s and chemist’s bills for many years to come.

Looking forward to sharing all my trade secrets with you! Grada