Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own sauerkraut, kombucha or kefir?

Well now is your chance!

Join Love Your Guts founder Caleb, for a fun, hands-on, and informative morning of everything fermented and gut healthy.

Caleb of Love Your Guts Co holding a cabbage during a fermenting workshop

Caleb explains why fermented ‘living’ foods should be part of our everyday diet now more than ever:

Historically, we had plenty of probiotics in our diet from eating fresh foods from good soil and by fermenting our foods to keep them from spoiling.

However, today because of chlorine in our tap water, antibiotics, antimicrobial household chemicals, dangerous agricultural practices, and foods that contains little to no probiotics, our collective gut health is suffering and it’s a huge factor in the epidemic of the chronic diseases we are seeing today.

By adding more probiotic foods into your diet, you could see all of the following health benefits:

• Stronger immune system
• Improved digestion
• Increased energy
• Allergy relief
• Healthier skin
• Reduced cold and flu
• Healing from leaky gut and inflammatory bowel disease
• Weight loss

Sound good? Then it’s time to start consuming probiotic foods for better health and because they’re dang tasty!

Looking forward to seeing you there.