Do you know what the single biggest source of stress according to the American Psychological Association is?


Money stress = health problems

How confident do you feel about your finances?

I don’t usually talk about this in my messages, but IF MONEY STRESS equals chronic health problems, you are in my field of expertise.

In other words, I can help you.

I want you to meet Judith, who recently received a promotion at work.

This will mean an extra $20,000 per year (after tax) for her, for doing what she is good at. Nothing more than she has been doing for ever.

It’s just that after some sessions with me, her employer started to take notice of her and recognized how much she is worth to the company.

He wanted to reward her.

At the same time Judith also received a windfall from a friend who she had lent money to years ago.

In fact she had forgotten about it, till suddenly a nice sum of money appeared in her bank account with a thank you letter.

Is this coincidental?

I don’t think so and Judith agrees.

The thing is, humans are complex.

You have to understand that there is more to us than meets the eye.

We can work hard, study, save every penny, do overtime, bend ourselves backward and still not get ahead.

Before you realize it you have been living from paycheck to paycheck all your life, robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Rob Peter to pay Paul

That’s because hidden from view, you have sabotages and money blocks in your energetic field.

These blockages are often inherited from old family patterns of poverty and scarcity.

Or they are acquired during your childhood.

Nobody teaches you about subconscious money sabotages or abundance blockages in your energy field.

But I do!

Come for a session with me.

I might be the missing piece of the puzzle you have been looking for.

I will listen to your story and show you where you are stuck.

You will be given a few practices to get you on track, but most importantly, I will clear your hidden sabotages and energy blocks around wealth and money.

It is so worth it!

For some of my clients with businesses, the phone starts ringing with prospects the minute they walk out the door.

They come regularly, to keep their hard drive (the subconscious mind) clean from financial glitches.

And they keep returning because they see the benefits in $$$.

How much would this be worth to you?

Sickness comes at a hefty price, especially the chronic conditions that a lot of us in our community have.

Most heart attacks occur on Monday morning when people return to the jobs that they don’t enjoy.

They only go for money. Not because they are doing something they love.

But the money stress and job pressure kill them.

And heart attacks spike at Christmas and New Year as well.

There is too much pressure to get the fun times right! After all, you have been hanging out for it all year.

Are you fed up and want something to change for you?

Book in today with me.

I regularly check my own energy body for money blocks. I do the same for my business and we have been going strong for a long time now.

You know my story, so I won’t go into it here.

But you can read it in my book if you want to get inspiration. 

Today I want to help you live your best life and feel rewarded while you are at it.

Looking forward to working miracles with you!

Much love, Grada

grada in garden