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You will learn the secrets to good health and enjoy a delicious smorgasbord of;

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    With every mouthful you are winning the war for your immune and nervous system. Watch Caleb prepare sample dishes that will easily upgrade every meal you make at home. These meals will boost your health as they feature only those ingredients that feed beneficial bacteria, while excluding foods that irritate the lining of the gut or feed Candida or other bacteria! KIMCHI and KEFIR, a delicious probiotic drink fights inflammation, lowers cholesterol and supports weight loss.

I normally love coming home after a trip away but not this day. I open the back door to step into the house and the first thing that hits me is the smell. It’s not too good! Death and decay hits my nostrils. Peter and I sniff around to find the source of the offending smell. It is most definitely worse in one of the bathroom corners which is lucky, because that means it is a long way away from our bedroom. After a few minutes of detective work we come to the conclusion that it is most likely a dead rat in the wall. Too stinky for a small mouse and not bad enough for it to be a possum or even a cow! As usual my imagination goes haywire.

On entering the kitchen I notice an army of blow flies on the windows! And it is nearly winter….I grab the vacuum cleaner and suck up as many of the dirty big flies as I can, and continue to do so over the course of the next few weeks. Perhaps it was a cow after all? There is no end to the steady stream of fresh blow flies! This reminds me of an alarming story I once read, that if a single fly were to survive and grow to lay its own quota of eggs, which in turn survived and went on to lay its full quota of eggs and so on and on, within a single year the whole world would be covered by a layer of flies about one meter thick!

When you think about all the different ways that our world can be destroyed you normally wouldn’t consider a blowfly. We are more prone to think along the line of a meteorite hitting the Earth or an earthquake or volcanic eruption. And yet if Mother Nature lost control of weeding out flies through natural selection we would apparently soon drown in flies. It is truly mindboggling how the planet looks after itself and keeps everything in balance.

It’s the same for our body: we are careful on the road, we dress warm in the winter, we avoid war zones but does it ever occur to us that we could be dying from the inside out because our bacteria are all out of balance? The next day I am presented with a perfect example of this: I have to urgently see a young boy. I read his history and the list goes on and on: hyperactive, eczema, smart but doesn’t listen, black rings under his eyes and no sooner has he recovered from one snotty nose, another cold hits him. When I put my hands on him I can indeed feel another sore throat in the making and I feel sorry for the mum. On questioning I discover he has had his fair share of antibiotics and the mum feels that she is running out of options. Clearly the balance inside his body is tipped in favour of the flies. Just like the blowflies in my house were attracted to rotting meat in the wall, so are bacteria and viruses attracted to the unhealthy tissue of this young boy!

I get to work and boost his immune system. This usually includes some reflexology which is a great way to stimulate the immune system and kids love this part. Then we do healing through kinergetics. I am able to pinpoint which foods and substances he must avoid and his mum takes the list home. This gives her a sense of power instead of helplessness. Usually when specific foods are avoided the immune system gets a chance to heal. The body is always directing its energies towards perfect health, and it has millions of little programs operating to do perfectly good without my help.  I find some big emotional stresses which I clear and then reduce his allergies to common foods like gluten and dairy. These are best avoided but that isn’t always possible. At least now I know that they won’t affect his immune system as much as before. I balance all his minerals and by the time we finish he feels the best he has ever felt.

Now it is time for homework: I instruct the mum to give him 3 iodine drops every day. These continue to eliminate toxins from his cells and will help him to concentrate. Severe lack of iodine causes mental retardation and allergies. Next she has to give him the full spectrum of healthy intestinal bacteria in the form of Immuno-synbiotic. We have just tipped the scales back to the boy’s advantage and now he has to remain strong. She has to toss out her old kitchen salt and feed her family with health giving Himalayan Salt and lots of it. It contains all 84 minerals which covers the needs of the poor starved cells of the whole family in one fell swoop.

And finally she has to add Bioraculous to his breakfast so his brain can function at top level in the class room.  Bioraculous contains green powders which convert to energy and healthy blood within minutes. It also contains proteins which help his brain to concentrate and on top of that there are enzymes which will continue to reduce his allergies. It is also fortified with gut bacteria and when children are hyperactive or fall into the autism spectrum they are usually lacking in healthy bacteria. Unhealthy bacteria then take over the host and make the child behave in ways that aren’t good! The bottom line is that the child can’t help it, and it’s certainly not part of their personality as adults are prone to think.

I tell her that she has to minimize her son’s sugar intake and that includes fruits (which are full of harmful sugars) and juices/soft drinks.  Did you know that the average child consumes a sickening 29 spoonfuls of sugar every day! Sugar is very addictive and is nothing more than white poison. It is hidden in every processed and packaged food. Even a small fruit yoghurt contains a tablespoon of sugar. Why does the government allow its citizens to be poisoned by sugar? The answer is easy: money. Its big business, and once you get sick business is even bigger. Candida (a harmful yeast in the gut) and Cancer love your sugar addiction!

You have heard me say this before but I will say it again: 75% of your immune system resides in the gut. When you iron out your intestines you have an area the size of a tennis court. This area needs to be healthy. You can’t play tennis in a field of thorns and thistles and you can’t live without friendly bacteria. Antibiotics wipe out good bacteria and if you don’t re-introduce these it takes the body 5 years to get over it and sometimes a lifetime.  Recently science has discovered that the human body is an ecosystem and nothing more than a pool of bacteria, of which only 1 in 10 cells has our own DNA! The other 90% has foreign DNA and consists of bacterial life forms. Under normal circumstances these bacteria keep us alive but once we have upset the balance they change and make us sick. Imagine if 90% of your body was working against you! Yes I know, we all have days where is feels like that, but this is not how we were designed so you don’t have to put up with it! When was the last time you felt full of life and gutsy? If you can’t remember don’t lose any time and do something now.

In this story I explained the way I work and all our practitioners work similar. For a ridiculous small sum of money for a healing consultation you can start to change your ecosystem so it cooperates with you. I have had mums who had paid $600 for allergy testing, which only lasts for a little while anyway, or $400 for a de-sensitisation program, which only sweeps the allergies under the carpet till they appear as chronic illness later in life.  The Purple House is probably the largest kinesiology centre in Australia and we have clients who fly over especially to have treatments, while some local people still don’t know what we do!The products we sell are also in demand and unique to our business. You can find them in our online shop or call in at Alchemy or the Purple House and have a browse.

For this young boy I recommended:

“I never knew how much damage I was doing to my son till I came to you and the penny dropped when I watched you work on my son.  We all changed our eating habits and are taking the supplements and feeling the benefits but my son has changed dramatically. He hasn’t had a cold since, is sleeping soundly and his eyes are much clearer. The teacher says he is a different boy because his concentration is so much better. He feels good about himself too and that makes me a happy mum. In the end it wasn’t really that hard to create the changes and I should have done it much earlier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have booked myself in for an overhaul next and I can’t wait.”


Usually I get feedback along the grapevine and it is much nicer to hear it from the horse’s mouth, so thank you! Is there anybody else out there who wants to write a word of encouragement feel free to email me at purplehouseforth@bigpond.comTill next time Grada