Everyone knows that water is the source of life.

So why is something as simple as drinking more water not considered as an option, when it comes to treating or preventing disease?

After all, every single cell of our body runs on water.

Many people think dehydration is something that happens to tourists in the desert when they almost die from thirst.

But the reality is that most or our clients are 50% dehydrated at the time of testing at our clinic.

This is very noticeable when we take a look at a droplet of blood under the microscope.

When you are dehydrated your red blood cells tend to stick together in shapes like coin roles, and often we get our clients to drink 3 glasses of filtered water on the spot, before we take another sample.

Within a matter of minutes our client’s blood looks a lot better.

The clumps of red blood cells start to separate, and this is often reflected in our client, who suddenly feels energized.

Sometimes the blood remains sticky, and then we know we are looking at underlying digestive issues that need to be addressed.

Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty and your mouth is dry, this is absolutely the LAST symptom that you are dehydrated?

Your body is now seriously parched, which puts a lot of stress on your body making your body release cortisol in your blood stream.

Cortisol is the only hormone that accelerates the aging process and kills neural pathways in your brain, so your memory is affected as well.

Traumatic experiences also have a dehydrating effect on the body, so if you are struggling with emotional, physical, mental or spiritual trauma, make sure you drink twice as much water as usual.

In fact, I would recommend that you come in for a healing session where we can recalibrate your hydration levels in your body energetically, so water starts going into every space and particle of your body.

Water is Nutrition in the broadest sense, because it nourishes our bodies like no other food can except light.

It flushes toxins from the body and supplies life giving minerals to your tissues.

Your cells are two thirds water by volume; however, the water molecule is so small that if you were to count every single molecule in your body, 99% of them would be water molecules.

It is well known that poor quality water can kill you, and good quality living water has amazing benefits for your health.

Patrick Flanagan, named one of the top 10 scientists in America by Life Magazine, advised in his book Elixir of the Ageless that:

“Drinking tap water is a slow form of suicide. Today’s tap water is yesterday’s toilet water, too thin to plow and too thick to drink. Chemicals (chlorine and fluoride) used to treat water are positive-charged cationic electrolytes that are potentially destructive to the colloidal balance when ingested into the human system. As a result, people die…inch by inch, not really knowing what is wrong!”

When it comes to water, you can’t afford to be lazy.

About 10,700 bladder and rectal cancers each year may be associated with trihalomethanes (THMs) and their chemical cousins found in tap water.

That translates into about 30 cancers per day (that estimate is from 20 years ago when there were literally billions of tons less chemical poisons in the environment)

You owe it to yourself and to your family to strive for the purest water possible.

Unless you’re fortunate enough to live by a pure water source you will need some kind of water purifier, and many of our clients have asked us what we use in our clinic and at home.

The short answer is that Pete and I have always filtered our water.

We have tried many different devices.

In 2008 we bought a Reverse Osmosis Filter for $4000.

At the time, it was worth more that the car Pete was driving, but we prioritized healthy drinking water for the family to upgrading our car.

Looking at the statistics, more accidents are caused by drinking tap water than driving an old car!

Our old water filter served us well but life got so busy that we neglected the maintenance it needed.

Early in 2024 we purchased an Enagic K8 (which is short for Kangen with 8 Titanium plates to create Hydrogen Rich Water)

It cost us approximately $6000 and we bought two, one for our kitchen tap, and for our clients in the clinic spending around $12000.

It gives us incredible peace of mind that we are drinking the best quality water on planet earth (or as close to it as possible) and that I am doing my body a huge favour.

I won’t have to invest in a water machine again, because my new ‘boyfriend’ has a life expectancy of 30 years!

Did you know that bottled water will cost a family of 4 between $2000 and $14000 per year, depending on the brand?

And, a lot of the time bottled water is tap water in plastic bottles.

The plastic goes into your body, causing another layer of stress.

Micro plastics are clogging up are capillaries, and its hard for your body to remove this stuff other than having daily saunas.

Better be safe than sorry!

I rather feel the pain in my bank account for a while, than ending up with plastic and toxic overload in my body.

What I love about Hydrogen enriched water is that it has tremendous health benefits, and I am already feeling them, after only 3 months of switching water.

Today, I have no residual pain from my truck accident in 2006.

The Hydrogen molecule is the tiniest molecule around, taking hydration deeper into our tissues than was previously possible.

Hydrogen water is transforming the way we think about hydration, because of its anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory effects on our bodies.

There is a growing body of scientific evidence recognizing its potential to reverse the aging process, combat inflammatory conditions (reduce aches and pains) and boost your overall health and wellbeing.

I am in love with my new medicine on tap, and happy to share more information with you, so call my friendly team on 03 64283007 or scan the QR code below.

Alternatively, call Pete on 04283007

Alternatively, click here to visit our website where you can make online appointments (like a Full Health Audit / Complete Health Analysis consultation with Peter), read past blogs, download free e-books OR order supplements all at your own convenience.

Much love

To learn more about the water we are using in our home and at the Purple House clinic – scan the code below, click the link or send us a message ..

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