Did you know that every thought you have ever had, no matter how brief, can never be un-thought? Each thought not only has an effect on your own body, it also influences the cosmic body, or the collective consciousness for better or for worse. They are recorded in the Universal memory.  Our thoughts are so powerful that before you even finish thinking a thought it has already traveled around the entire world, perhaps several times, perhaps picking up speed as it connects with other frequencies on the same wavelength.

I wished I had known this before I started my life. As children we were told to be careful what we said, and not to think ‘evil’ thoughts, but I never really fully understood how huge our responsibility was as human beings to keep our minds pure and uncluttered. I shudder to think how 55 years of my thinking might have contributed to the mess the world is in today.

It’s especially hard to think good thoughts when you wake up with a hangover, I groan, as I fill the bath with warm water and half a bottle of Lavender oil ( Lavender is great in an emergency), as well as Basil (to clear my head), Peppermint (to remove sticky energy), Vetiver and Joy (to uplift my spirit). I need all the fortification I can muster. Thankfully I don’t have to work today, but I do have to attend a workshop. I guess I inflicted this mother-of-all-headaches on myself, not from too much alcohol, but by doing lots of healing work during the workshop and not drinking enough water to flush out the toxins. (Emotions are chemicals in the bloodstream and as we peel off the layers of stress and trauma we sometimes have huge shifts in our chemistry).

I drink 3 glasses of water while I wait for the bath to fill. Then I have another 2 while the warm water envelopes me like a womb. From where my head is resting on the cool bath I get a perfect view of our private little knot garden. All the different shades of green are soothing to the eyes (green is the only colour that doesn’t strain the eye muscles) and for the millionth time in my life I feel thankful that I ended up living in one of the most peaceful places on earth, Tasmania.

No sooner have I finished saying thank you when a massive blowfly finds its way into the small crack of the open window and with a loud buzz lands on my head. My gratefulness evaporates and in an angry gesture I try to snatch it with my bare hands, sloshing a wave of water over the edge of the bath as I do so. No such luck! It defiantly buzzes around the bathroom, disrupting my peaceful bubble.images-2

Blow flies used to be the bane of my life when we lived on our small 110 acre farm in the north east of Tasmania. We had cows, ponies, dogs, cats, ducks, pigs and the healthiest, fattest, noisiest blowflies on earth. Hordes of them used to invade the house if the kids left the back door open a tiny crack. They blackened our windows and gave me obsessive compulsive disorder. I was forever vacuuming them up from every corner of our home.

By comparison, one lone blowfly is nothing to put up with, I tell myself, but it is hard to meditate and pretend I am sitting in a beautiful still pond in the forest surrounded by fragrant foliage while the blowfly is trying to find its way back to freedom. I wonder why it had to land on my head anyway. Was it the power of attraction? Perhaps it was my ‘stinking thinking’? Decades ago Peter went to a therapist to help get closure after a traumatic event, and she warned him against ‘stinking thinking’.  I thought she was a bit cruel at the time, but it was the wake-up call we needed to hear. She taught us that we are in charge of our state of mind, and to foster an ‘attitude of gratitude’, rather than stinking thinking.

In my noisy bathroom I decide to meditate on blowflies instead of feeling upset. Perhaps there is a valuable lesson for me. Humans are not so different to blowflies, it occurs to me after a while. Just like the flies always flock to piles of manure, waste material, and cauliflower soup, we are attracted to the stinkiest news on TV, the silliest articles in gossip magazines and we mindlessly allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by unscrupulous media or ‘people in authority’.

The moment I reluctantly decide to let the fly win and get out of my bath, it stops buzzing and lands on the window, only millimetres away from freedom. Sunlight floods the room through the glass and it occurs to me that even though our thinking might be stinking, just like the blowflies we are always wired to seek out the light. Life might be stressful, confusing, noisy, and messy, and while we might be caught up in meaningless routines to pay our bills most of the time, deep inside us the eternal seeker is alive and well, looking for a return to a light filled existence, where we can follow our bliss rather than our bills and where we see solutions rather than problems.

We are wired to love and be loved. We know that because our lives feel meaningless without love and connection. We are wired to feel at peace no matter what our circumstances are. Our nervous systems are wired to create wellness, not ill-health.  We are wired to not only look out for ourselves, but we are even geared to seek the greater good for all of mankind. Yes, scientists now realize that Darwin wasn’t quite right in his Evolution Theory.  ‘Survival of the strongest’ or clawing your way to the top is not how we evolved apparently. We evolved through mutual cooperation and inter-dependence, not be pushing each other off the cliff.

I am finally happy with my thoughts and open the window to help the poor blowfly escape. Whether we know it or not, Mother Nature has everything under control and life on the planet is unfolding just like it should. Like the blowfly, we might lose our way sometimes, but if we give ourselves permission to stop buzzing, rest for a bit and allow the light in, we will soon find our way back because light is more powerful than darkness (In fact, darkness, doesn’t even exist, it is just absence of light).

I finish my blowfly meditation with a cold shower. It took me a while to get used to cold showers after attending the Ice Man/Wim Hof boot camp last August, but now I am addicted to them. Cold showers are great because you can’t think while you prevent your body from freezing and the mental blank offers a welcome reprieve. My headache is almost gone by the time I am dressed, and I drown what’s left of it with my morning coffee.  I am looking for an article I wrote in 2012. It includes a daily exercise that strengthens our organs and energy systems. If you do it regularly it will free you from being stuck in a negative thinking loop.

This exercise is based on the work of John Diamond, a psychiatrist/kinesiologist in the US, who discovered that by saying positive affirmations and tapping the thymus at the same time, he could create positive and lasting change in the life of almost anybody, including patients who were terminally ill.

He found that the thymus gland controls the life energy of the body and is most affected by our thoughts. This important organ lies in the middle of the chest. Until the 1950s little was understood about the thymus. People thought the thymus had no function at all in the adult, because during autopsy the thymus was usually found to be atrophied. This is because the thymus gland, in response to acute stress such as an infection, can shrivel to half its size in 24 hours. Eventually it was realized that the thymus shrinks rapidly during serious illness or great physical and emotional stress.

The thymus plays a vital role in the body’s immune system. It is also the link between the mind and body, being the first organ to be affected by mental attitudes and stress. An active healthy thymus makes for vibrant positive health. Most diseases start on the mental level before they become physical. Fear, hate and envy are negative thymus attributes that will diminish our life force and our immune system. When we think of someone we hate, or think of a fearful situation, our life energy has been diminished. Positive thymus emotions are lovefaithtrustgratitude and courage.  When we access these emotions they will be the wind under our wings.images (12).jpg
Daily affirmation for life energy  

Thymus: I have love,

(Remember to tap the breastbone/thymus)

Lung:          I am tolerant.

Liver: I am happy and I have good fortune.

Gall Bladder: I reach out with love.

Spleen/Pancreas: I have faith and confidence in my future and am secure.

Kidneys: my life energies are balanced.

Large intestine: I am worthy of being loved.

Adrenals and reproductive glands: I renounce the past.
I am generous.
I am relaxed.

Heart: I have forgiveness in my heart.

Stomach: I am content.

Thyroid: I am buoyed with hope and lightness.

Small intestine: I am jumping with joy.

Bladder: I am in harmony,
I am at peace.

Close with: “my life energy is high and I am in a state of love.”

The therapeutic power of the positive affirmations is increased by tapping on the thymus gland and saying it out loud like a mantra. Whenever we direct our communications out into the world, there will be a greater increase in life energy than if we keep it to ourselves. We will experience greater synchronicity because our thinking will align with our heart centre, and our heart resonates with all of creation.

If we only positively change our self talk by 10%, we will feel so much more relaxed, creative and happy. I particularly like the organ/emotion mantra because it is so specific, and you could even just single out one organ that is giving you trouble. For instance you might be burping and experiencing heartburn. Instead of reaching for the heartburn tablets tap the thymus while you tell your body that you have contentment and your stomach will heal itself. Let words by thy medicine! Till next time, Grada

PS: Every Monday night at 7 p.m. we have our Free YL Essential Oils information evening at 47 Wilmot Rd Forth.  Essential oils support our positive intentions. Whether you are new to essential oils or an avid user, there is always more to learn!oils

Reminder: Kinergetics workshops in Forth starting the 4th February

Kinesiology originated in the early 1960’s with an American Chiropractor who discovered that we could hack into our body/computer and restore balance by using muscle testing. Today there are many branches of kinesiology and one of the fastest, most effective forms is Kinergetics, developed by Philip Rafferty in the early nineties.

Kinergetics accesses the emotional and metaphysical causes of dis-ease, and balances the body’s energies to facilitate profound, lasting change.

Who is this workshop for?

  • You, if you are interested in solutions to enhance your wellbeing
  • Therapists who seek to add value to their clients by blending these new techniques into their healing routines
  • People who want to fast forward their personal and emotional development
  • You, if you want to bring more energy, vitality and emotional resilience into your daily life
  • Mum or dads who want to gain tools, wisdom and have access to corrections to heal their families

Features include:

  • A comprehensive manual with charts and information
  • Explains how stress is held in the body and why your body won’t heal unless you do the corrections that Philip teaches in this course
  • Emotional stress release techniques
  • Fast TMJ (jaw) corrections
  • Fast corrections to balance the causes of dehydration
  • Opening up of your Healing Energy
  • Extremely fast pain and stress release
  • How to improve your flexibility and sports performance
  • Clearing deep seated sabotages that have held you back
  • Identify and clear allergens

How do you learn Kinergetics?

Kinergetics 1 through to Kinergetics level 3 are taught in a series of weekend workshops. During this time you will be recipient as well as the student, which means that after each weekend you will feel transformed. Kinergetics is very effective in helping a wide range of health problems. Including pain, limitations of the joints, muscle injuries and sprains, TMJ problems, allergies, candida as well as spiritual/emotional/mental conditions. Kinergetics assists in eliminating Mercury from the body. It improves general hydration and your body’s ability to utelize water, which in turn helps to cleanse your blood and flush out toxins. At a deeper level it can be used to identify and clear stresses from your light bodies, which are often the cause of physical problem or difficulties with your relationships or finances. Even if you just begin with Unit 1 you will already feel a huge change.

When: Weekend of Feb 4/5 Unit 1 for $450. Repeat $90.

Weekend of Feb 11/12 Unit 2 for $450. Repeat $90.

Weekend of Feb 18/19 Unit 3 for $450. Repeat $90.

Where: 47 Wilmot Road, Forth

Phone: 64283007 Morning and afternoon tea will be provided. During the breaks you will be able to relax in our extensive gardens or go for a walk through our forest to the Forth River while you absorb your newfound happiness and relaxed state of mind.

When was the last time you enjoyed a kinergetic session at the Purple House? Book your session now at 64283007 or check us out on www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au.