It’s often difficult to get the digestive system balanced when something like CANDIDA or other PARASITES have gotten a foothold in your life.

Therefore, any digestive balancing attempt needs to address the yeast/parasite issue.

If you find yourself struggling with digestion-related symptoms; take our self test below to see if candida or parasites might be playing a role in your life!


(Please share this information with your loved ones!)

  1. History of using oral antibiotics
  2. Mental and physical symptoms – combinations of fatigue, depression, hyperactivity, nervousness, spacey, poor memory or concentration
  3. Disease history of constipation, diarrhea, vaginitis, acne, food allergies, colitis, kidney and bladder infections, arthritis, hypothyroid with adrenal problems, diabetes
  4. Crave or have an addiction to alcohol (especially beer and wine), sugar addictions or junk food addictions
  5. Bothered by hives, psoriasis, chronic skin rashes, fungus, jock itch, or athlete’s foot
  6. Headaches, joint pain or muscle pain, tingling or numbness
  7. Digestive problems such as coated tongue, bloating, belching, gas, etc.
  8. History of cortisone or birth control pills or steroid type drugs
  9. Feel sick all over and nobody can figure out what is going on

If you checked 7 or more, you almost certainly have a candida infestation,
5 or 6 – likely,
3 or 4 – possibly

YOU WILL NEED IODINE, BEETFLOW, ENZYMES AND PROBIOTICS, also called the Ultimate Vitality Boost.

Boron also kills Candida and is the cheapest option at $6 per bag, which will last you for years!

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People who have attempted to bring a candida problem under control or balance the digestive system often fail to get optimum results.


Because they did not address and rule out another type of critter, i.e. common parasites.


(Please share this information with your loved ones!)

  1. Occasional abdominal pain
  2. Alkaline rectal pH above 7.3
  3. Enlarged or extended belly
  4. Fatigue, depression, disorientation, mental confusion, excessive yet unrefreshing sleep
  5. Lactase intolerance (milk products cause problems)
  6. Gluten intolerance (wheat, oats, barley or rye cause problems)
  7. Sugar imbalance symptoms / cravings
  8. General ill health that could involve a major diagnosed disease or just general and vague unexplained symptoms
  9. Digestive disturbance including colitis, diarrhoea, flatulence, constipation, bloating, poor absorption, and irritable bowel syndrome
  10. History of arthritis or any “itis”/inflammatory condition
  11. Immune system disorders and diseases

If you checked 7 or more – you almost certainly have parasite involvement, 

5 or 6 – likely,
3 or 4 – possibly.

Parasites hide in corners such as intestinal pockets as well as other hidden places in the body and because you cannot see them with your eyes or with x-ray machines, many medical doctors consider them a non-problem.

But among colonic therapists and natural healers parasites keep coming up over and over as primary causes of just about everything.

Buy Diatomaceous Earth, Worming and Parasite Cleanse or Detoxicator (a worm killer) to help in your fight against these.

Another way to test for Candida and Parasites is to book in for a Diagnostic Session, where you will be able to look at your live/dried blood under the microscope together with Pete.

It will blow you away!

You only have one body!

Don’t let it be taken over by candida, worms, parasites or other toxins.

The solution is easy once you know what you are looking at!

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