Do you give your child a vitamin supplement?

If you said “no”, I would be glad to hear that.

There is now a lot of good evidence; that most of the common brands of children’s supplements do more harm than good.

In fact most of the testing I have done on children; showed that their bodies didn’t want the multivitamin they were taking.

It is amazing how much money is thrown away on pills and potions, all based on marketing strategies; rather than real value.

But, if you have ever been interested in nutrition for your children or grandchildren; here is some info you will want to read.

I became concerned that I couldn’t find supplements that fitted a growing child’s nutritional needs.

After having studied Biomedx in the U.S and understanding the science behind the body’s metabolic processes; I wanted to find supplements that were safe and healthy for my own grandchildren.

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But it gets way more interesting, so please keep reading, it will only take a few minutes….

What really motivated me was reading an article about Tasmania.

It mentioned that Potassium is the missing ingredient for the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians.

Poor concentration, restlessness and resistance, defiance, as well as erratic behaviour; and, short fuses are often a sign of potassium/ magnesium deficiency.

Most of Tasmania, particularly the South, consists of the type of soil that contains iron and calcium, but not potassium.

In fact for cherry crops in the south, potassium must be applied every year or the berries won’t grow to a good size.

Because many plants seem to grow well with little or no potassium; we have neglected to regularly apply this essential mineral to our fruits and vegetables.

Fertilizers also block the uptake of potassium.

Do you think this influences your children?

Of course! 

A lady in the article mentioned that she spends a fortune keeping her horses healthy in Tasmania; whereas her friend in Germany, simply puts her horses out to graze; and they stay healthy without the addition of extra nutrients.

But much of Germany has mineral rich soil. 

During WW2 in England the children grew a head taller than the previous generation and there were no epidemics.

There was strict food rationing and every family was encouraged to have a vegetable garden.

The English people were particularly blessed to live on limestone (calcium/ magnesium) rich soil.

No wonder they became so healthy so quickly and enjoyed placid temperaments. 

Back in Tasmania it is often necessary to feed extra nutrients to the animals on the land; so wouldn’t it make sense to look after our children the same way? 

Another woman in Tasmania had to buy sulphur salts because her chooks legs were collapsing from under them.

Wouldn’t sulphur salts also be essential for human health?

What about all the allergies, sinusitis and deep-seated fungal problems within our community? 

Orphans in Charles Dickens’ days were fed with ‘Brimstone and Treacle’.

We could turn that into ‘sulphur and potassium’.

No wonder they survived as well as they did, possibly without snotty noses and erratic behaviour.

Ever noticed that the kids get cranky when there is a drop in barometric pressure?

Well you guessed it, it displaces potassium temporarily in our body. 

So what can you do for your children?

If the soils are healthy, and the vegetables are organically grown; dark leafy vegetables are a good source of potassium, and so is molasses.

Perhaps schools should dish out spoon full of molasses at lunch to bring out the best in the students!

Parents do anything for their kids; we want to give them the very best life.

There is nothing more frustrating when there is a spanner in the works; and you know your child can do a lot better.

And a child lacking in minerals just won’t do as well.

Minerals are a lot more important than vitamins, and I used potassium here as a classic example.

I have already mentioned magnesium numerous times.

Magnesium is important for memory, good sleep, and bone and muscle growth; and there is a whole list of minerals that children and adults need every day; so that we can function properly.

If you are looking for one all-round product, that fits all the nutritional requirements of the growing child; I recommend you look no further than Mighty Mins

Mighty Mins is an unusual product because it contains only good quality vitamins, minerals and trace minerals; in the right proportions.

This is important, because minerals and vitamins taken out of context will have an adverse effect. 

It was tried and tested on children with the most disruptive and challenging behaviours, with amazing results.

Mighty Mins come in packets of 90 or 240 tablets.

Isn’t is a relief that you never have to look for another supplement for your children again?

These tablets can be eaten by children as young as 6 months; and they will take care of your growing child’s nutritional needs. 

One ingredient that you won’t find in other multivitamins is the mineral chromium.

Chromium helps the body to balance blood sugar levels.

When blood sugar levels are not regulated properly you get behaviours; like irritability, aggression, tantrums, hyperactivity, or absentmindedness, not sleeping at night, bedwetting, lethargy etc.

Chromium is also important in the prevention of diabetes; and we all know that diabetes is on the rise in children.

In teenagers, chromium aids with the regulation of hormones and helps maintain healthy weight, as well all of the above.

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