Meet our therapist Michelle!

“I never want to leave here” I am thinking as the treatment room slowly comes into focus.

Michelle has quietly left the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I can’t believe my good fortune of starting a chilly winter morning with a healing session with Michelle.

I am lucky, because my body is awesome. It got smashed in a MV accident 12 years ago, and even though my x-rays show lots of scar tissue, metal screws and bone distortions, today I am as good as gold. I never feel much pain and my energy levels are better than most people.

Perhaps I am just lucky..

Or maybe it’s because I am always looking for answers and don’t stop till I have found a solution that works. So many people simply give up. But my motto has always been: “if it’s to be, it’s up to me!” and I never quit. Today, I am reaping the rewards.

When I work with clients, I use a combination of science and intuition to release stress and long-term conditions. Even though I am a spiritual healer and energy and information flows easily to and from me, I am also very down to earth and practical, and I have had the good fortune to be surrounded by team of healers who are just like me.

“I put myself in your capable hands!” I tell Michelle, knowing that she is an accomplished therapist, with 10 years of experience and many therapies under her belt. She will find all the issues in my tissues. I don’t have to tell her anything. I will only spoil her fun if I do.

Michelle loves her work and happily tells me she will use a combination of everything today. A few minutes later Michelle is working my back with long, deep strokes and warm massage oil. Once my body starts to relax into the massage table, Michelle massages hot stones onto stubborn tight spots and leaves them to simmer on strategic acupressure points, while she works the rest of the body.

All the while she is tuning into my energy field and removing energy blocks.

Energy blocks are the root of all our problems. They cause pain in our physical body, cause distance and disconnect in our relationships and even cause financial blockages.

Removing energy blocks is like working upstream. We clear the energy flow upstream (your energetic body) and the river downstream (your physical body) can heal because our bodies are walking healing machines, always replacing old cells for new ones, and trying to release trauma and negativity so we can go through life being the best version of ourselves.

My right leg starts to buzz with the release of accumulated past stresses, toxins, traumas and shock. It is still from the accident. I didn’t know till 2 years later that it had been broken.

It also had to be reattached inside the pelvis and now it sticks out at a different angle than the other side.

Michelle calmly takes it in her stride because she is a seasoned healer and has witnessed many trauma releases.

She finishes off the treatment with a deep slow scalp massage. The whole experience is so calming and revitalising that I lose track of time. I become timeless!

The rest of the day flows by as if I am wrapped up in a cocoon. Nothing fazes me.

I haven’t felt so good in ages.

When was the last time you felt fully connected and centred to your innermost being?

Life happens to all of us. Every day there are big and trivial things we need to recover from. We wouldn’t dream of driving our cars if our wheels were out of alignment! Imagine how much fuel would be wasted if even one of your wheels was sticking. Yet we fail to book ourselves in for a regular overhaul. We simply mistreat our bodies and expect to live forever. There is a word for it: denial!

When did you last feel perfectly aligned, physically, emotionally or spiritually?

Don’t waste your precious energy by using willpower to get through the day, while the wheels are falling off.

Come for a combination consultation, uncover your issues and get centred and into alignment. I will promise you, you won’t believe how light and loving you will feel afterwards! The money you invest in yourself will be returned to you a million times over, in better energy levels and performance, improved health and easier relationships.

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Yours to great health and a pain free body! Grada

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