Over and over my clients thank me for introducing them to IODINE. “There are two chapters to my life” one client asserted. I expected her to say: “there’s the time before I had children, and then I had babies, which changed everything!”

No, instead this active young mum told me that “There was the time before I knew about iodine. I spent a lot of years staring into space, feeling drained of motivation on good days, and terribly depressed on my bad days”. Multiple tests over an extended period revealed nothing wrong, but nobody had tested her iodine levels.

After taking 5 drops of iodine in water for only ONE week, she felt like a new woman. Now she doesn’t go anywhere without her trusty iodine drops because as soon as she stops taking them she feels a return of her old symptoms.

Another one of my clients had never been able to sweat. Not even when she exercised or during sweltering hot days. Instead she experienced headaches. After a couple of doses of iodine her body started to regain the ability to sweat. “If you can’t sweat, you need iodine more than anything else,” I told her,” because your body uses sweating to get rid of toxins.” With the ability to sweat, her toxic headaches became a thing of the past. This case reminded me of my mum, who used to be quite proud of the fact that she never produced unsightly or smelly drops of sweat. Mind you, she never exercised or moved much further than from her favourite chair to the kitchen bench, but she did give birth naturally to 5 healthy children, despite having a hunch back. She really deserves a medal for bravery for that one but it’s a bit late for that now, so I will give her an honorary mention in my blog instead.

This is her on her wedding day at age 30. Because of her deformity, she didn’t find lasting love till she met my dad. There was an instant connection and had five children and many adventures together.

Oh, how I wish I could turn the clock back a few decades and pump her full of iodine and a mixture of water and healthy salt. I bet you she would still be alive today! The iodine would have given her a new lease of life, and given her the energy to go for walks. It would have activated her sweating mechanism so taking a load of her immune system.  Instead her health went into a steady decline after age 45 and she died at age 74, all shrivelled up with inflammation, dehydration and cancer. Yet, she would have loved to have stayed around a bit longer because in her mind she was as sharp as a tack, but her body just couldn’t go on.

She passed away a couple of years before I came across iodine during my recovery from a major MVA. A naturopath/teacher from the US, had cured herself from cancer with the help of iodine. I attended a course with her in 2006. Iodine was only just emerging from obscurity, thanks to a huge study by Prof Guy Abraham called THE IODINE PROJECT. Turns out that iodine had been wrongfully demonised after a flawed study instigated by the pharmaceutical companies. Medical students are still taught today that iodine is dangerous, and it’s been 70 years since that study was published. Chronic iodine deficiency has killed more people than the two world wars combined, my mum being a classic example (she survived WW2). How do I know in hindsight that she had iodine deficiency?

She didn’t sweat

• She had very dry skin

• She always felt the cold

• She had Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Food allergies

• She suffered from depression and anxiety

• She had very low energy levels

• She had systemic Candida

• Was always constipated

• No tolerance to stress.

I can fill a medical encyclopedia with her health disasters. I am not saying that iodine deficiency caused everything. What I do believe is that if she had been given iodine earlier, some of her approaches to improve her health might have worked for her.

After witnessing my mum suffer all my life, I developed a habit of questioning everything. I question what I read, what I hear in courses, the news, I question authority and of course I question myself non-stop.

Thankfully one of my clients took this on board and asked herself a good question upon hearing a diagnosis. She had difficulty conceiving her second child (having had complications with previous pregnancies).  The tests from the endocrinologists showed that her hormonal levels were out of whack, making it hard for her to conceive again. She wasn’t promised any easy solutions. When my client came home she suddenly wondered: ‘What would Grada say about this? She would suggest I double my iodine intake.” My client guessed correctly, because not long after she increased her daily dosage she surprised not only herself, but also her endocrinologist with her pregnancy. Her Dr had never seen hormonal levels correct themselves successfully like that before. The result is a happy, beautiful alert baby girl who is roughly the same age as our granddaughter Rosie Raven, pictured on the right, at a few weeks old.

Unborn babies benefit from the mum’s iodine supplementation. They consistently have higher IQ’s.  Young children do well with a few drops of iodine in their water, or on their skin. Older children concentrate better. In adults crabbiness disappears, depression lifts, menstrual cycles normalise, cysts shrink, skin tags dry up and fall off, insect bites stop hurting, and energy levels reach an all-time-high with the introduction of iodine.

On the other hand, iodine deficiency can result in mental retardation, goitre, increased child and infant mortality, infertility and socioeconomic decline. (Dr Brownstein, MD, in Iodine, why you need it, why you can’t live without it.)

Or how about constipation, cold hands and feet, dry skin, flaky skin, hair loss, polycystic ovarian syndrome, obesity, diabetes, cancer (especially breast and prostate cancer) hypertension and some heart problems like atrial fibrillation… It is almost too hard to believe that amazing improvements can be achieved with a few drops of this ancient remedy. The key is that iodine is NOT A REMEDY, it is a VITAL NUTRIENT (along with magnesium), crucial for all aspects of health. For a few pennies a day, you can have your health back!

I used to be hypothyroid myself. It took me about a year to come off thyroid hormone using about 50 milligrams of Lugol’s (equivalent to 12 drops of colloidal iodine, the kind we stock at the clinic) on a daily basis. (Dr George Flechas, MD, www.helpmythyroid.com )

‘If you want to destroy a nation, remove iodine from their diet. It is that simple. It is a form of domestic bioterrorism.’ (Guy Abraham, MD, former Prof of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Endocrinology in the U.S in The Iodine Project: The Original Internist). He goes on to say that: ‘Iodine is detected in every organ and tissue in the body. It is found in high levels in the thyroid gland, liver, lung, heart and adrenal glands. It is found in highest concentration in fat and muscle tissue. It is depleted out of the thyroid gland and other tissues when thyroid medications are prescribed.’

Doctors could get as high as 90% cure rate with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) by using …high doses of iodine daily…. Thyroid surgery of hyperthyroidism is no longer necessary. Forty years ago, the food industry decided to remove iodine from baked goods and replace the iodine with bromine. Iodine and bromine appear the same to the thyroid gland and bromine easily binds to the thyroid gland’s receptors for iodine. Bromine, however, is of no value to the thyroid gland unlike iodine and it inhibits the activity of iodine in the thyroid gland. Bromine also can cause impaired thinking and memory, drowsiness, dizziness and irritability. This substitution of bromine for iodine has resulted in nearly universal deficiency of iodine in the American populace. Iodine therapy helps the body eliminate fluoride, bromine, lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminium and mercury. Could this substitution of bromine for iodine have been carried out to increase diseases and thus create more need for pharmaceutical drugs? (Dr James Howestine, MD www.newswithviews.com.)

Bromine is an antibacterial agent similar to chlorine; it is a fumigant for agricultural soils and termites; it is a powerful pesticide and kills insects on contact. When it is injected into the soil, everything dies….Why do I tell you this? Because you have probably had it for breakfast in your cereal, milk or soft drinks! Other names for this lethal agent are Bromine, bromide, bromated, brominated vegetable oil (BVO). It was given to service men and women in the Gulf War to prevent death from chemical warfare. Instead they suffered incurable diseases and psychosis after they came home from their Bromide exposure, administered by their own country. Bromine is even in some children’s asthma inhalers. Bromine intoxication can cause schizophrenia, delirium, hallucination and psychomotor retardation.

Many soft drinks are loaded with it. When oil is placed in a bowl and bromine is stirred in the bromine will slowly turn the liquid oil into a solid until it becomes so stiff the spoon won’t move. This also happens in the body! Years of drinking sodas that are loaded with brominated vegetable oil solidifies the body fat. We call this morbid obesity and now we are the fattest nation in the world along with the US. Even though you exercise hard and limit your diet, you just won’t be able to get rid of this fat unless you shun these soft drinks and use the antidote IODINE.

Here we are, creating jittery, irritable, anxious kids who are having problems with weight and don’t know why. According to one Dr in the US, mental illness is the most sinister aspect of BVO:Young people are becoming so paranoid that they are shooting each other, shooting their parents, their teachers… we think we need to throw counsellors at them.. But I think we need to take these central nervous system stimulants out of their diets.’

In the good old days, before the 1980s, Iodine was an ingredient in bread and milking equipment was sterilised with iodine so traces were left behind in the milk. Then one day iodine was replaced by bromine and overnight, a huge section of the population was being affected by bromine. The substitution for iodine with bromine has resulted in nearly universal deficiency of iodine in the population.

Even though taking your iodine drops seems a bit like stopping the tide with a broomstick, you will be surprised how powerful it is once it is in your body; the dreaded tired, heavy feeling will lift from your limbs and your thinking becomes easier and clearer. By making iodine part of your daily diet you will ensure that your body stays strong and fit.

Colloidal iodine retails for $34 per bottle.   It is perfectly safe even in large doses. However the recommended dose is 5 drops in water in the mornings. Coconut oil is another excellent thyroid support. You can cook it, drink it or rub it on your skin.

If you are worried about heavy metals in your body and want to do an instant cleanse and power boost, get stuck into the Bioraculous. $58 per Container and one serve is equivalent to 9 servings of organic fruit and veggies!

Magnesium spray ($12 per bottle) or Magnesium Complete works well with iodine.

Tyrosine is a natural amino acid – one of the building blocks of protein.  It is required for the manufacture of the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) dopamine and noradrenaline.  These neurotransmitters are required for concentration, alertness, memory and a happy, stable mood. Tyrosine is required for the manufacture of thyroid hormones.

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(PS: here I am doing a quick healing session on Rosie, to help ease her into her new life. Everyone benefits from a treatment, whether you are one day old or 32850 days old! Feel free to question everything I say!) Grada