Linda, a young mum of two is pregnant again. One of her daughters overcame asthma and allergies by having some sessions at the Purple House, making a few dietary changes and by having plenty of Himalayan Salt and iodine drops every day. Now Linda is concerned because the Dr and the midwife have told her to discontinue iodine. They informed her it is dangerous for her unborn baby and she has been told that as long as she has plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits every day she will be OK.
I secretly do some calming breathing techniques to diffuse my frustration: this is exactly the opposite of what she should be doing. Her well meaning health professionals have just put her unborn baby in danger. The facts on iodine aren’t new and research on iodine has been well established. Here are some facts:

  • A 2001 research from Westmead Hospital in Sydney suggests a 50% increase in thyroid hormone deficiencies in Australian pregnant women.
  • The fructose in sugar blocks iodine uptake by the body. The more fruits you eat, the more your thyroid struggles because your body just isn’t able to convert iodine into the hormones your body needs.
  • The combination of high- fructose (eg: fruits and fruit juices) and low iodine diets is having a real impact on the health and IQ of unborn babies.
  • Sugar, raw cabbage/broccoli/Brussels sprouts as well as soy products affect the uptake of iodine.

I don’t want to alarm her but research tells us the same story again and again: severe iodine deficiency will result in severe mental retardation. Luckily Linda is only just pregnant, because thyroid hormones are most needed from 22 weeks of gestation onward. That’s the time when protective nerve coating of the baby’s nerves (called myelination) happens. I tell her to quit fruits and juices and have 5 iodine drops in water every day. When we eat sugar and fruits we significantly affect the amount of minerals we excrete. Consequently people who consume high amounts of sugar are very mineral deficient (including iodine, the all important mineral)

More fast facts on iodine:

  • The World Health Organisation believes that iodine deficiency is the most preventable cause of mental retardation. Even with mild iodine deficiencies many babies are significantly less smart than they could have been.
  • Iodine consumption has decreased 50% since the 1950’s
  • Iodine deficiencies of the breast, prostate and thyroid have increased during that time
  • Thyroid cancer rates rose 182% between 1975 and 2005
  • Breast Cancer has risen from 1 in 23 to 1 in 7-8 since the 1970’s
  • Iodine deficiency is higher every time government agencies measure it
  •  Iodine deficiency in pregnant women is producing less intelligent children.

Luckily it didn’t take me long to convince Linda to resume her iodine intake every day. In fact she was pleased because she had noticed a sharp drop in energy since she discontinued.

If iodine has been around for 150 years and if it is so vitally important why don’t Doctors recommend it?

2666022_orig.jpgIodine was considered ‘old fashioned’ when penicillin and antibiotics came in vogue after World War 2. Gradually its traditional properties became unknown. The fatal blow came when an influential medical paper mistakenly claimed iodine was dangerous. During the period of 1948-1961 many articles were published by Jan Wolff and Israel Chaikoff. Their research postulated that iodine was harmful to the thyroids of rats. Although this information was unverified, it influenced three generations of medical students. Doctors in medical schools are still taught the ‘fundamental’ law of physiology: that iodine can shut down the thyroid gland. The first Dr to challenge and overthrow this law was Dr Abraham who looked at the Wolff-Chaikoff studies and recognized it was severely flawed. This happened only as recently as 2000 and after 5 years of solid research he published a paper called ‘the Wolff-Chaikff Effect: Crying Wolf’.

The flawed Wolff-Chaikoff study initiated a worldwide iodine crisis, causing hundreds of thousands of people to suffer unnecessarily from Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, brain fog, Candida, lowered IQ, thyroid issues, chronic pain, allergies etc.

The first time I came across Iodine myself was in Sydney in 2006. It was about 6 months after my MVA and I was looking at ways to speed up my recovery. Peter and I attended a seminar by a naturopath from the US who had cured herself from cancer, using colloidal iodine as a foundation to health. The first thing we noticed when we walked into the classroom was the funny brown bottles on each student’s desk. They were complementary iodine bottles.

The timing was perfect because our stress levels were enormous during the early years of my recovery. Peter developed conjunctivitis in both eyes during the course. We had nothing else to use so Peter made a very weak solution of iodine and washed both eyes in it before he went to bed. When he woke up the next morning his eyes were crystal clear.

Since then we have had our iodine drops every day. In hindsight we were very fortunate to be exposed to iodine so early in the history of the iodine come back. We immediately introduced the benefits of iodine to our clients. Initially we imported it from the US and now it is available everywhere on the NW Coast, thanks to our clients who insist that their local shops stock it as well. This is good news to the future of our world and the health and IQ of all the unborn babies in the NW. I can’t encourage you enough to continue taking iodine for as long as you live.

But isn’t the iodine RDA for adults 150 mcg which I can get from my multivitamin/pregnancy vitamins?

The RDA was calculated from how much iodine you need to avoid goitre. The requirements of the other organs and cells of the body aren’t factored into the number. Not only that, the

harmful effect of iodine-blocking polluters like chlorine, fluoride and bromide wasn’t taken into consideration when the RDA of 150mcg was established.

Do you always have to take iodine in water or can you put it on the skin?

When you take iodine in water you have the benefit that the iodine kills potential toxins and primitive cells in the stomach. However a lot of people find the iodine taste unpleasant and a good alternative it to put it on the inside of the arms, where the skin is soft. Iodine can be applied directly to the breast or you can mix the iodine in your palm with some coconut oil and apply it to the breasts that way to avoid irritation. Applying iodine directly to the breasts has been used for 150 to avoid breast pain and to get rid of cysts.

When can I stop taking iodine?

You only need to take iodine for as long as you want to be healthy.

Are there any side effects?

Occasionally people report that their throat feels swollen after starting on iodine. This is most likely a reaction where the thyroid swells to hoard more iodine after many years of being starved. After a while it will recognize that it is now in iodine heaven and it doesn’t need to hoard anymore, hence the swelling will go down.

Sometimes people develop a rash where the iodine is applied. This is most likely a detox reaction where the body attempts to get rid of

bromide, fluoride and chloride and the kidneys can’t handle it. To support your body during this healing crisis discontinue the iodine for 48 hours and drink 1 litre of water for every 30 kg of body weight per day. Add ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan salt per litre. The salt will help the kidneys flush out the toxins and after a couple of days you are ready to start the iodine again, while you continue to drink the right amount of water.

I take thyroid medication and I have heard that Iodine will counteract that.

According to 1000’s of happy iodine consumers the opposite has been reported and iodine can be the missing link to make your thyroid work like a charm.

3 cheers to Iodine and good health! Till next time, Grada

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