Surge to Success Weekend

Pete (from the Purple House) here with a very special and exciting invitation for you.

Have you heard of our Surge to Success weekend? In case you haven’t, I would like to invite you check it out by clicking on this link.

Grada created this event specifically for new generation men and women like you, to help raise awareness by releasing pain, stress and sabotages in the easiest/fastest way: by enlisting the help of your subconscious mind so you can seriously change your life in a positive and fun way!

It starts this Saturday at 9.30am till 7.30pm and continues Sunday from 9.30 till 6pm. Are you up for massive transformation?

As you can see, we have created a special for couples: You can bring your bestie (your partner, adult child or best friend) for free, or split the cost. This is a savings of over $995.

This is what our Surge to Success weekend is all about:

It offers you a short cut to your innermost, deepest self so you learn to tap into your spiritual superpowers. You will experience deep and lasting healing, often within the first few hours and you will be given practices and exercises that you can implement easily on a daily basis to boost your vitality and success.

During this weekend you will experience a real shift in your inner and outer world. You will learn how to harness the powers of your unconscious mind, and discover the warning signs your body sends out so you can avoid pain and stress and do anything you put your mind to in the future.

80% of the people in our hospitals are there because of a stress related illness.

Take an inventory of your life now. Is there anything you would like to change?
Perhaps you could do with less pain, less stress and tension, less effort, less confusion and greater clarity around your purpose and increased confidence and trust in your abilities.

In this Surge to Success weekend you will get to the heart of where you are stuck, so you experience a level of freedom and success you have never felt before.

This workshop will be conducted in the safety of a small group of heart centred men and women, while you are being supported and laser coached by Grada. Grada is one of the most empathic presenters I know, and she is a gifted intuitive healer/coach with 20 years of experience in the human condition. She healed herself in record time after being left for dead and paralysed from a collision with a truck in 2006. After she was told she would never walk again, she resumed her role as a therapist within 5 months. (You can read her journey here

She will easily uncover your pain points and blind spots and show you how to move forward, without you having to get stuck at the same place of tension over and over again.

We still have a couple of spaces left and I would love for you to join us.
I will be present as Grada’s coaching buddy to support you every step along the way. I will be sharing some of my epiphanies and life lessons with you.

Grada and I have rubbed shoulders with the best global leaders in our field and we constantly invest in ourselves because we want to come from a place of utmost integrity. We walk the talk.

We laughingly call this weekend our Surge to Success incubator. Take one last look at yourself before you walk in on Saturday morning, because you will be a different person by the time we are finished.

Please enjoy reading this testimonial by an already successful entrepreneur:

Throughout 2018 I have been fortunate to attend Surge to Success.
At the time, I was feeling so tired, juggling a busy lifestyle, wearing many hats and trying to always be a great support to my loved ones. My battery was flat, I had lost my “mojo”. I lacked self confidence and always doubted yself.

S to S helped me to open up my heart fully again. I learnt to love myself with all of my heart. I understand now how to love and accept all aspects of who I am – the light and also the dark. As confronting as this was, I worked through these emotions to release distorted childhood memories that I was still living as my reality in adult life now. Working with my inner child helped me greatly in healing and nurturing emotions I experienced as a child.

By reflecting on my story, I could collate all the jigsaw pieces together to form the puzzle of my life. I realised that I held onto so much sadness deep within me that had been there a very long time – possibly ingrained in my DNA.

I also realized that my reality was in fact a reflection of everything within me – the positive and the negative. I had been living inside my incessant monkey mind head bubble and learnt how to quickly move into my quieter core within myself. This has helped me cope much better with outside stresses of daily life – to remain in my own state of peace instead of trying to pull the monkey off everyone else’s back. I now put myself first! A huge breakthrough and so empowering.

I now express deep compassion not only for others but also for myself. My husband told me recently that I seem more assertive and he is delighted to witness a confidence and assertiveness. I have taken off the mask to reveal the authentic me. I now have a voice!

Moving forward, I have sets my goals high and pave the way with shoulders held back, love in my heart and volume in my words. I have learnt to trust in my higher self and intuition and this trust has been beneficial in learning healing corrections at Surge to Success. I no longer question if I am “doing things right”. I know that whatever comes to me is correct.

I have so very much enjoyed the company of others – the sharing of experiences and stories which have resonated within my own heart. Lessons learnt from others. Grada is a wonderful teacher – her passion comes through – often revealing the raw truth of our emotion. The truth was confronting for me but cut through the barriers to deep healing. My purpose is totally clear now … to love and be loved – unconditionally. And guess what…
I have my mojo back!!!
L T.

Please call 64283007 or msg 0428283007 if you have any questions.
With sincere gratitude, Pete.