Mindfulness is the new buzzword – come and find out why!

Mindfulness Meditation – Therapy Yoga – Breathing Exercises

word-imageWhat: A short introductory course in Mindfulness Meditation, Therapy Yoga and Breathing Patterns. Four one-hour classes over four weeks

Who: Helen Callaghan

Where: 47 Wilmot Rd Forth @ the Robertson Residence

When: Friday 21st of October 10.00am running for four weeks. Class time approximately 1hr. Also: Wednesday 12th October at 6 pm, running for four weeks.

Cost: $100 for the four classes. Limited places.

Contact: Helen Callaghan 0437 092 068 or the Purple House receptionists 6428 3007

Helen has taught Yoga and Therapy Yoga for many years and more recently trained at the Gawler institute in Melbourne in Mindfulness Meditiation. Many of you know her well from either yoga classes or from being on the receiving end of one or her amazing massages/oriental cupping treatments at the Purple House. You can read more about Helen’s qualifications and thoughts on health and healing on her website at www.purna-yoga.com.au or check out her biography at


A brief overview of what we will be touching on in the four classes

Mindfulness Meditation: There is a lengthy list of the benefits of Mindfulness, but put simply, meditating physically grows the happy or positive part of your brain. You feel happier more relaxed and are more aware of the beauty around you. Mindfulness is simply shifting your awareness out from the thinking mind into present moment awareness and non-judgmental attention. From mindfulness we can move into stillness. I like to think of it as our still point. A place of stillness and space, that sits behind the breath. This place is incredibly relaxing and healing.

You do not have to sit cross-legged on the floor to meditate. A chair or on the floor with your back against the wall is just fine. You can even lie down if you have had a long day or are unwell.

Therapy Yoga: I teach and love all kinds of yoga. In this short course we will be focusing on releasing connective tissue and improving energy movement in the body with gentle movements facilitated by our breath. Don’t worry if you are as stiff as a board in fact if you are then you really should be coming along. You body will love you for it and you will sleep like a baby as all that tension is released.

Breathing exercises: My ability to control how I breathe is incredibly important to me. I can consciously change my breathing pattern to slow my heart rate and reduce stress and anxiety I may be feeling. Alternatively I can heat and energize my body with the breath. We all carry this free tool around with us. It is a tool we can use to help ourselves out in everyday situations.

buddhaOur time together in Peter and Grada’s beautiful teaching space will be relaxed and laid back.

Even if you haven’t done anything like this before you will be surprised how enjoyable it is. I like to teach by getting you to really feel and connect to what is going on in your body rather than bombarding you with facts.

Come along, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just being in such a beautiful space will make you feel fantastic. If you have sore knees or don’t want to sit on a hard floor on a yoga mat I provide, you can purchase a soft mat from Kmart in the sports section.