I am sitting on the edge of my chair.

I can’t wait to share my excitement with you!

As you know, my take on life is quite different to that of most people. Everything changed for me when I got hit by a truck at age 43 (nearly 44) twelve years ago nearly to the date. I was left for dead. Well, I almost wished I was. I had a NDA (near death experience) on impact. That blew the lid off everything I had always believed to be true.

Because I didn’t go unconscious, I experienced every moment of agony with full lucidness. It gave me enormous respect for the resilience of the human spirit. We can do so much more that we are told. We ARE so much more than we believe!

While the NDA was an experience of great awakening, some parts of my body died, and other parts went into hibernation for years. It took a long time to wake them up, but now I am fitter than most people my age, with greater clarity around who I am, and what my journey is about, and with so much insight into our potential as human beings!

While I am very fit, happy and successful now, I see many women every day who are held back by pain.

Pain can manifest in many forms: it can be in the form of relationship conflict, never feeling appreciated at work or at home, no libido, difficulty connecting with people, low self-worth or self-love, loss of ambition or creativity, lack of purpose. Then of course there are the physical health issues, constant headaches, hormonal upsets, chronic fatigue, serious illness and the list goes on.

Every day I help people bust through their pain. And now I am offering you the opportunity to be part of a group of ten women, who will be selected to join me for the Surge to Success Program, which will be held in the safety of my sacred healing/teaching space at home, during March and April.