If you are challenged with any of the following, please read this today.

  • Physical pain that you can’t seem to shake off

  • Emotional pain or heartbreak

  • Anxiety or fear that stops you from following your calling

  • Less money than you need or want

  • Constant lack of energy

  • Not being able to manifest major changes in your life

I work with a new generation of women who want to reclaim their lives. Women who have had enough of old school methods that are hard work, boring and offer little in return.

I will teach you how you can create a body that dissolves stress and pain. A body that feels fitter and more magnetic as you practise the simple (but unheard of) steps I will give you in this program.

I work with women who are keen to learn cutting edge ways to increase their energy, become conscious of who they really are and what they are truly capable of, and with women who want to make a real difference TODAY, not in ten years’ time.

I created my Surge to Success program to help turn your life around, so you become a magnet for love, success and money, attracting the right opportunities and people in your life, rather than having to bow, scrape and struggle.

How would it feel to you to walk into almost any situation and feel rock solid confidence?

As you know, my take on life is quite different to most peoples. Everything changed for me when I got hit by a truck at age 43 (nearly 44) twelve years ago nearly to the date. I was left for dead. Well, I almost wished I was. I had a NDA (near death experience) on impact. That blew the lid off everything I had always believed to be true.

Because I didn’t go unconscious, I experienced every moment of agony with full lucidness. It gave me enormous respect for the resilience of the human spirit. We can do so much more than we are told. We ARE so much more than we believe!

While the NDE was an experience of great awakening, some parts of my body died, and other parts went into hibernation for years. It took a long time to wake them up, but now I am fitter than most people my age, with greater clarity around who I am, and what my journey is about, and with so much insight into our potential as human beings!

While I am very fit, happy and successful now, I see many women every day who are held back by pain.

Pain can manifest in many forms: it can be in the form of relationship conflict, never feeling appreciated at work or at home, no libido, difficulty connecting with people, low self-worth or self-love, loss of ambition or creativity, lack of purpose. Then of course there are the physical health issues; constant headaches, hormonal upsets, chronic fatigue, serious illness and the list goes on.

Every day I help people bust through their pain. And now I am offering you the opportunity to be part of a group of ten women who will be selected to join me for the Surge to Success Program, which will be held in the safety of my sacred healing/teaching space at home, during June and July.

Being part of a group of likeminded women will really help you to delve right into your heart and soul, while feeling fully supported. During this time, I will function as your laser coach, mentor and shoulder to lean on. Coming back from the dead has given me a sixth sense of where you keep your pain/trauma in your body, how it’s holding you back and how you can let it go very quickly. This can save you a lifetime of psycho analysing or confusion and many wasted dollars that can now go towards great experiences.

What if you were to die tomorrow, would you have any regrets?

If there are things you want to change, don’t leave it till tomorrow. You may not have the luxury of time. When push comes to shove, time is the most precious commodity we have, and much more important than money, the holiday overseas, or the new car. Any investment you make in transforming yourself pays off a million fold!

Some women are desperate for change, but are so overwhelmed they don’t know where to begin.

Others don’t even know they have many dormant unfulfilled dreams or passions. They just assume this is all there is to life.

And some women have travelled quite a way on their journey of self-realisation, but they are conscious that the brakes are on and need some help to get where they want to be now.

What does life changing really look like?

Click here to find out.

Maybe you are being called to steer your life in a completely new direction. Or maybe you simply want to bring more happiness, sanity and meaning into your life and be able to share that with your family and community.

Whatever it is you are looking for, I can help you find it during my new Surge to Success Program. I can promise you, there will be many surprises and Aha moments about why you are not attracting as much love, health or success as you want.

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Much love Grada

This Program is so powerful and life-changing that I feel passionate to reach as many people as possible. As an incentive to spread the word / light you will receive a voucher for $200 to use towards this training, or to pamper yourself at the Purple House Wellness Centre when you refer or bring along another woman to join the program.


Hi Grada, Just wanted to share with you an experience I had whilst driving home today. I had to pull over to the side of the road, as my body experienced an intense surge of heat and my face became hot and red. I sat being present in my body as I observed these feelings of gushing energy surging through and out of the top of my head – almost like an explosion (no, it wasn’t a hot flush either!) – almost a sense of release and relief. I felt this afternoon’s session peeled a complete layer off me and left me feeling at peace.

I wanted to thank you so much for reminding me to be present and in touch with myself in order to succeed. I have found that the work I have been doing on myself has also resonated with my husband and children. I know it is not a coincidence that they too have been experiencing major shifts within themselves.

Thankyou from my heart Grada – you are an inspiration and a beautiful lady.

Thanks for this Grada, I have heard about it but timing is everything and now I can really hear it…. practise now.
It was an immense pleasure to share the surge to success… tender moments, hilarious moments with moments of subtle yet profound awakening.
Thank you to all who shared the weekly group and enjoy the get togethers…I’m excited to keep in touch with what you are considering and sharing even though I’m not there in person.
Lots of love, happiness and peace xx