And I love freeing up the energy of money.

Because I discovered after working with 10000++++ clients, that I could help them get rid of pain, but then they had to go home to money stresses.

Yes! 8 out of 10 women suffer from money stress.

They lie awake at night thinking about paying the bills.

They argue with their partners about money.

I discovered that MONEY STRESS CREATES TONS OF TRAUMA, not just today, but this trauma gets passed down the generations.

Perhaps you don’t believe me, but money does really impact your life.

Think about it like this:If somebody chokes you and cannot breathe, all you can think about is where you are going to get your next breath of air from.

But before that, you never thought about breathing.

That’s the same with money. If there isn’t enough, it feels as if you are being choked.

You can’t stop thinking about a way out.

But when you have enough money, it doesn’t become a priority, you can now connect with others in a deeper and more fulfilling way.

So I started looking at how I could help my clients break through their money blocks and get them out of the money pain.

Many of my clients went on to receive a promotion, a windfall, or creating money streams after working with me.

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Because many women got it all wrong.

They were pushing and striving the masculine way, yet their income wouldn’t budge.

I showed them feminine ways of making money, and that was the catalyst for change.

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There are 7 special connecting points or sacred spots I want to show you.

There are seven key points where the spiritual and the material energies meet.

Where the visible and invisible energy link together.

These are called our chakras.

The chakras are like real organs in our aura.

Organ is short for organising.

They organise the amount of energy/money that comes into our bodies and lives.

When one of your chakras is stuck, life becomes hard work.

Our chakras influence everything in our lives.

In the previous videos I told you a little bit about the 4 bottom chakras and tonight I want to explain about the throat chakra.

It sits right here, in our throat.

If our throat chakra is weak or blocked, we will never hit it big!

The big money starts with the throat chakra.

So have a feel of your throat centre.

Do you feel an easy flow… or is there a heavy feeling somewhere?

When your throat chakra is strong, you will be able to speak your mind openly and freely whenever you want to.

Or even if your truth is inconvenient or unpopular.

It doesn’t mean that you are not nervous about speaking out, but that you can expertly manage those nerves to deliver your message.

You are recognised for your strong leadership skills.

When your throat chakra is weak or closed, you will almost feel that there is a physical barrier stopping you when you want to speak out.

Even the thought of speaking out can create a barrier in your throat, because you are frightened and filled with self-doubt.

The throat chakra gets blocked by lies.

Lies that we tell ourselves, hidden lies we grew up with, lies that we tell others.

To move more quickly towards the rich and fulfilling life you deserve, you need to strip back the masks you are hiding behind.

There are many ways that a blocked throat chakra can show itself in your financial life.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

1. I did not charge or ask for what I am worth.

2. I did not speak up when it could cause conflict.

3. I let my fear stop me from what my heart was calling me to do.

4. I shared my message half-heartedly because I was afraid of judgment.

5. I believed helping others with their desires was more valuable than ‘my time’.

6. I didn’t say no to a loved one who wanted to borrow money from me, even though my instincts were screaming out at me not to do.

7. I didn’t want to be truly seen or heard for exactly what was on my mind, I was too scared.

These are habits that arise out of patterns passed down from generations.

It makes it hard for us to receive the love, money, and recognition we want.

These throat chakra blockages hurt our happiness, career, businesses, and our most important relationships every day.

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Lots of love, Grada