Have you been feeling scared, confused, or betrayed by the current crisis/government bodies, etc?

Are you fearful of what’s ahead?

Do you wonder why almost everyone seems to be lying about something?

Tonight Pete and I are going to help you re-connect to your own truth.

With so much conflicting information out there, it is hard to know where you stand.

Collectively we are experiencing betrayal.

We sense that we are being lied to somewhere and it’s hard to know who to believe or which information to trust.

It is creating a lot of division.

People are pitted against each other.

Your innermost self can even experience conflict as your shadows are being stirred up.

This all feels as if we are going in the wrong direction because the whole point of awakening is coming together rather than being pulled apart..

So that is the bad news.

Here is the good news!

You have your own inbuilt truth detector because your body can’t lie.

It simply doesn’t know how to.

A truthful statement or conversation gives you energy but when your body detects a lie, you lose energy.

It is as simple as that.

Your own body-mind can be of great support to you right now, to give you clarity around what you need to feel good, safe and secure, and healthy.

So in this video, Pete and I are going to show you some exercises to help you regain trust in your body.

This will help you establish your boundaries.

It will help you make informed decisions.

Keep watching the video for the second bit, where we finish off with a practice that will help you to remain close to your bestie or your loved ones…..

Especially now that you are most likely experiencing some level of conflict or disconnect with people around you.

So sit back and enjoy!

Ps: also remember that it isn’t your job to convince anyone of your point of view.

Each of us is unique, with our own biases and histories.

We are all big enough to make space for differences.

And it is great to keep asking questions. The quality of your life depends on the questions you ask.

Keep asking questions to help you move forward through challenging situations.

Even if you hit a roadblock, never stop questioning, because a portal will open for you to move forward and answers will flood into your life.

Lots of love, Pete and Grada

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