How do you support your elderly parents or grandparents best without burning out yourself?

This week we had this question:

Hi Grada, it would be wonderful if you could do a segment on looking after elderly parents/grandparents. I know you have nursed your parents so maybe some tips on how to help them transition into their last years?

First of all, congrats on having some of your elderly relatives around still, because the statistics of reaching our 80’s or 90’s aren’t pretty:

The truth is that 1 in 2 people gets cancer by the age of 85.

1 in 4 people will die of heart disease.

And there’s a 123% increase in death due to Alzheimer’s.

Half of the population is lonely.

These numbers are sky-rocketing and millions suffer each day because of them.

The same researchers concluded that these conditions have one thing in common:


So this talk should be about gut health but we have come up with some tips to restore health and revitalise old and ageing cells:

1. Encourage your parents to drink lots of water with added Himalayan Salt for minerals. Most elderly people are terribly dehydrated! Even the sickest person can turn his/her life around by drinking water.

2. Put iodine drops on your parents the same as you would put on your child. I recommend 5 drops between the toes after a shower. 10 drops in total per day, or they can drink it in water. Here is your free iodine booklet:

3. Avoid medication. Once you start on prescription drugs you are on the slippery slope and it is mostly downhill from there.

4. Elderly people don’t need to eat much but they do need lots of good fats, like butter, coconut oil or meat fats. 2 or 3 tablespoons of fats per day will help to regrow good quality new cells. (We have a new body every 11 months.)

5. For excellent gut health, give them 2 large table spoons of Love Your Guts sauerkraut or kimchi every day.

They really don’t need any other vegetable matter then. 80% of the immune system resides right here with the good gut bacteria.

6. Give regular hand massages to stimulate the 7,000 nerve endings on each hand, which balance and boost the whole body. Plus it’s great for bonding; you will be surprised with the stories they will share with you. Our hands are an extension of our heart so giving hand massages is really one of my favourite past times ….. I receive as much as I give out!

7. Book them in for fortnightly/monthly relaxation massages.

8. Give them the Purple House smoothie. You can prepare it beforehand and it keeps in the fridge. Even if you only do this once a week, the results are nothing short of amazing.

Click below to download the free recipe book. This smoothie is also a cancer busting smoothie.

If you think this smoothie is too much of a shock on old taste buds, and you really want to fortify your elderly loved ones, bone broths would be ideal.

Bone broths are probably more familiar for them than green smoothies and they really heal our bodies from the inside out.

Louise Hay produced a wonderful book on bone broths a couple of years before she passed over, and she was still active and involved till she died in her late 90’s.

9. Trace mineral boron keeps the skeleton strong and healthy, along with maximum amounts of magnesium every day. This prevents and reverses osteoporosis and arthritis.

Click below to download your free osteoporosis cure booklet.

All these principals apply for every age group.

Finally, to answer the lovely person who posed this question:

Look after yourself too! Lead by example.

The middle years are very intense and demanding, and if you don’t deliberately press the off button sometimes you will run into trouble.

Take one day at the time and enjoy the good moments.

One final mention to my client with the question: elderly women can sometimes deteriorate very rapidly and when this is the case, always suspect a UTI or bladder infection. In this case I would suggest to have her urine tested as soon as possible.

They usually recover just as rapidly once the infection passes. Yours to great health!

Much love as always, Grada

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