Do you feel shocked by what’s going on in our world right now?

Everyone seems to be suffering from either acute or chronic shock at the moment.

Some people have lost their businesses or their financial stability has gone up in smoke.

Others feel threatened by Covid 19 or are concerned about their loved ones.

I feel threatened by mandatory vaccines and the loss of freedom.

Many aspects of our everyday life have suddenly been removed and this can cause trauma, shock, or intense fear.

Today I had a light bulb moment….

….to teach everyone how to release old and new shocks from their bodies.

If you allow shocks to just build up and up, it will block the energy flow and everything will come to a halt in your life.

Not only your immune system is eroded by frozen shock, but also your money flow, the flow of healthy love and respect and joy and so on.

Does anyone get the feeling that grounding practice is going to become more important than less important over the next few months?

Most humans right now feel that they are being lied to.

Whatever side of the camp you are on (and there are many sides right now) you have to face that you are being lied to somewhere along the line.

Not just little lies, astronomical lies…

The feelings that come up in you when you have been lied to are some of the worst emotions.

It’s very sad and heartbreaking..

If you are feeling shocked, betrayed or fearful….

Remember we are all in this together.

Self-care is even more important now than ever so let’s begin with removing a build-up of old shock patterns. So you can feel free and light and energy can start circulating again.

Shock is actually a normal part of living on our planet.

We receive a shock and our bodies have different mechanisms to let it flow out again.

Problems begin when shock doesn’t flow out anymore and it parks inside your body.

That is how you get issues in your tissues.

You might get aches and pains in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, womb or diaphragm because these are all energetic firewalls that normally allow shock to exit the body.

However, it often gets stuck in there.

So click on the video below to follow a simple routine to open up the energy flow and allow shocks to leave your body so you feel back to normal again…

calm… centred…relaxed…. all is well.

This is followed by a beautiful grounding meditation.

All my love, Grada