Have you suffered with the feeling of “if I eat one more thing I will burst!” ?After munching your way through breakfast celebrations at one family members house, lunch at another to finish with a leftover evening meal?

You are left bursting at the seams to the point of spilling over?

Yes, we have probably all suffered with this affliction.

We just can’t help ourselves, we have to try EVERY delicious morsel on offer.

It reminds me of when I was in Holland where New Year celebrations run well into January 1st 1981.

Custom at Grada’s family was to deep fry what are known as “Oil Balls”(olieballen), a deep fried fruit bread/ donut mix. Let me tell you they are yummy.

Sprinkled with icing sugar.

At midnight the sky is lit with fireworks from every household in the town/ village or city – with the addition of a thatched roof adding light to the spectacle occasionally.

One of Grada’s brothers had eaten so many olieballen that he became violently ill and missed out on the fireworks completely, kneeling in front of the toilet vomiting his heart out instead.

For some reason we tend to inflict this condition on ourselves when there is lots of yummy food about….

SO how can we minimize the risk of falling into this yearly trap?

Growing up and well into our married life Grada and I, like most of the western world, relied mainly on carbohydrates for our energy or food source.

I ate rolled oats and toast and honey most mornings not realising my body was converting all those delicious high starch carbohydrates to sugars.

We end up with a massive spurt of energy followed by a crash of low energy so we shovel more carbs in to boost our energy again followed by another drop.

We yoyo our way through the day often feeling full and empty at the same time if that’s possible and ending up being in a state of total YUK!

I think you have probably heard me say before that our cells make energy from either sugars on the one hand or fats on the other.

As a newborn if we were fully breastfed, we were making at least 70% of our energies from fats.

Then when we were weaned and started solids, we converted to carb eaters gaining 70 to 80% of our energy from sugars.

For some reason that was just the way it was, and we didn’t ask questions.

We need to be asking questions in every aspect of our lives!

What if everything we have been taught about food is based on a lie?

Cereals could be cereal killers!

If we start our life creating most of our energy from fats, it makes sense that our bodies still love healthy fats even though we are adults now.

Fats actually switch off the hunger button!

If we are not hungry we will be less likely to eat.

Have you ever looked up Christmas Paleo or Keto recipes?

When Elijah our grandson developed inflammation in his eyes threatening blindness, we commenced him on an autoimmune type diet.

His eyes recovered within months and even the scar tissue cleared up.

With Keto/ LCHF with lots of good healthy fats we eat far less.

The reason being; we make ten times the amount of energy from a molecule of fat than a molecule of sugar so we don’t need anywhere near so much food.

Our fridge is half empty most of the time now.

We spend a lot less on groceries so can afford to buy quality food and organic where possible.

A meal now is often a good healthy bone broth soup with lots of lower starch vegies laced with tablespoons of a good oil such as macadamia nut oil.

Soup used to be entrée followed by mains then dessert! Now we eat way less, and have far more energy!

There is a slight catch that I do need to tell you about…..

If you have been relying predominantly on carbs for energy you will have stored a lot of excess sugar as stored fat within the liver.

This impedes the bile flow which is necessary for the breakdown of the fats you eat.

So we recommend people take a supplement called Beetflow to assist the liver to improve this flow of bile.

The other thing I take regularly with meals in combination with the Beetflow is Omnizyme. Its an enzyme mix which also includes lipase the enzyme to help digest fats.

Last year we formulated a package of four different supplements which have helped numerous clients restore healthy digestive systems. That in turn ultimately improves health on all levels.

It is called the Ultimate Vitality Boost package. It includes the above mentioned supplements plus a superior probiotic and another vital trace mineral that everyone lacks.

I also offer people a Path to Healing package of 4 hourly sessions which pinpoints exactly what your body needs, to restore any imbalances on a biochemical level.

I will balance you energetically as well as impart you with useful knowledge I have gained from a lifetime of researching health and disease.

You will receive clarity around which foods you may be sensitive to AND those which will make you hum with vibrancy. So you can have the energy to live the life you deserve and wish for.

Another way to help prevent the binge at Christmas

is to start the day with the delicious Purple House Smoothie which includes lots of good fats and other vital nutrients.

This will keep the wolf from the door for an extended time during the mornings!

Chia seeds are very nutritional as well, and they fill up your tummy without adding calories.

You can add them to your smoothie of create a mini pudding with Chia seeds and nut milk, to cheat your way through the holiday season.

And last but not least, serve your food on a small plate or bowl.

This will stop you from overeating!

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Check out our website here: www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au.

Have a safe and enjoyable lead up to Christmas.

Remember to rest more and drink lots of water.

Much love, Pete!