“What would you like us to achieve in today’s session?” I ask my client. I have bumped into Rebecca in the past, but it’s the first time for her to be in my treatment room.

“My husband tells me I need to go on anti-depressants, but I don’t want to go there”.

Before I get a chance to dig deeper, Rebecca starts to cry. I offer her some tissues and tell her not to hold back. I can see she is trying to be polite and having a struggle to keep her composure. What a strange word: composure. I guess it relates to compost, because every emotion we shoo away by keeping our composure turns into compost and becomes a fertile breeding ground for depression, anxiety, addictions and other unwanted behaviours. Tears are healthy. They indicate pain. We mistakenly believe that if we don’t cry, the pain will go away. I guess that’s what we were told as toddlers and young children, and we still adhere to it, even though it’s never done us any good.

It didn’t make me feel good, when I was a young child. Dutch people are very down to earth, to the point of being brutal. I am forever glad Peter took me back to Tasmania where it was safe to be myself. I could cry, yell, laugh and be ‘abnormal’ as much as I liked, Peter never batted an eyelid. I think Peter found it refreshing because the English are stuck in their own kind of cruel behaviour. They must remain composed under all circumstances. Every culture seems to have its own dysfunctional way of dealing with hurt / pain / trauma.

The first time I discovered the power of our genetic memories, was when my little grandson Elijah was born nearly 9 years ago. His little body wanted to give up in the early hours of the first night. Despite tons of love from his mum, stepdad and our extended Robertson family, as well as a strict diet and supplementation, Elijah’s health is still not great. But when he was very little I discovered that when I included his DNA history in the healing treatments, he would feel a lot better for much longer afterwards. We jokingly said that his little body contained the ‘pain-body’ of the entire African continent.

Just like my mum, who was always a step ahead of me with her run-away-health problems, Elijah became one of my greatest teachers. Everything I learnt from treating him has been of enormous benefit to all our clients. The stuff I picked up from Elijah’s subconscious could never have been taught to me by any mentor in the world.

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Back in my room I decided that kinergetics was called for. This is a very fast form of energy medicine. If my client has pressing physical problems we often look at the live blood first, to see what is going on at the cellular level. I invited Rebecca to lie down and relax on my massage table, while remaining fully dressed. Then I quickly scanned her energy field with my hands. This is my version of thermography. My hands are always spot on. It is fast and cheap, the only drawback is that I can’t spit out a picture for my client. In exchange, I usually give my clients a brief description of their energy imbalances and assure them that their blockages and stresses will be gone by the end of the session.

Today, when I scanned Rebecca’s energy field, I had a new experience. There was so much grief in her chakra systems that it made my hands hurt. Yet she hadn’t experienced anything earth shatteringly traumatic recently.

When I worked on her feet, doing reflexology, it was the same story. Her body was full of tears. It was a mystery. I couldn’t wait to see if the kinesiology part would shed some light on the subject. No wonder Rebecca felt so miserable that her husband had suggested antidepressants.

There are usually many layers to stress, and we don’t always get to the bottom of a problem first off, but as soon as I asked Rebecca’s subconscious for the root cause, it gave me the answer: at conception time, all through the pregnancy and then for a few months afterwards. The answer was clear, except that I doubted Rebecca had any conscious memories of those early days. Nobody remembers anything from their conception time, unless you are a guru and have spent your entire life meditating. However, Rebecca surprised me. She informed me that her mum’s mum had been diagnosed with cancer around the time of her conception, and that her mum had cared for her very sick mother right throughout the pregnancy. Rebecca’s grandmother had died not long after Rebecca had been born. The memories were so acute in her body that it brought on a fresh wave of tears.

“Imagine being conceived under a cloud of sadness and grief like that”, I suggested. “This was your first impression of life, the dominant emotion you experienced in the womb. You spent your life in reaction to that feeling. The way you dealt with it was by becoming overly responsible (her body had already told me that). You were trying to protect your loved ones from ever feeling that same level of loss and sadness that you were bombarded with from day one. But being responsible for everyone’s health and happiness is a recipe for disaster. It might work when the kids are little, but now they are adults and have their own lives. Your care and love will be misunderstood as control, it’s a thankless task.”

I know this subject only too well, because I see it in women my age all the time. The more we want to make life perfect for everyone, the more stressed and resentful the family becomes. And rightly so, because while we are at it, we are sending out unconscious messages that we think life isn’t perfect the way it is. By sending out those messages, our children could de-code them into believing that we want them to be different, better, smarter, happier etc.

What we really need is acceptance, starting with ourselves: self-respect and self-love, and while we are at it, have a few laughs, moans and cries.

I suggested some homework for Rebecca. Every day she needs to set apart 30 minutes, checking into her innermost self, her earliest beginnings, where she had taken on her mum’s loss as her own. Instead of feeling hopelessly inadequate and pressured, she now needed to foster feelings of compassion, happiness, trust that everything is perfect the way it is, and shower her inner child with unconditional love.

“How do I know when I have done enough?” Rebecca asked at the end of her session. She was feeling a lot lighter now that she understood herself better, and because of the healing corrections, which had dissolved the issues in her tissues.

I had to smile to myself. If I had asked her to do the same for her husband, children or grandchildren, she would have poured her heart and soul into her homework. However, just because I asked her to focus on healing her own inner child, she became confused or even slightly reluctant. I wanted her to do it to prove to her subconscious that she was worth the effort.

“You will know when you have done enough, when you stop feeling hurt. You will feel okay with yourself. And do you know the best part? When you start taking care of your black pockets of hidden trauma, your children will feel better as well. Every time you dissolve one of your issues, your offspring will immediately feel a sense of relief and freedom too. This process is called entrainment, and I will explain it another time. Trust me, it works like a charm. The best thing you can do for yourself, your family and the world at large is investing in yourself.”

I also suggested the absolute minimum of supplements:

  • 5 iodine drops per day,
  • Magnesium 2 or 3 times daily and
  • Probiotics for women. These three supplements are a great starting point for anyone who wants to get healthy and emotionally resilient.
  • On top of that I wanted her to use Lemon Essential oil in her drinking water or in a diffuser. Lemon oil is a happy oil. It is great for people who have spread themselves to thin. Just cut up a lemon and look: you see lots of segments all joining up to the middle. That is what Lemon oil does: it helps you to connect to your centre instead of feeling overwhelm.

The world is full of Rebecca’s! I see so many women (and men) with beautiful energy, and they just give and give to others. Yet when it comes to themselves, they are starved from self-love and self-care. Their own little selves make do with a few little crumbs that have dropped off the shelves. Sooner or later they become unstuck. Rather than reaching for anti-depressants we could see it as an opportunity to create balance in our lives, to give ourselves permission to tap into our feelings and to start thinking of the person we would really like to become!

Things to remember from this blog:

1) Set aside some money and invest in yourself. Have a regular de-fragging session with one of our therapists. Stop guessing at what is holding you back. Why would you rely on guesswork when you can get the answer straight from the horses’ mouth? Yes, I am talking about your subconscious mind. Everyone has a subconscious, it makes up around 90% of your being. If you want to create change, this is where your horsepower is! Your subconscious is like the chemical laboratory in which all thought impulses are combined and turned into feelings, which eventually become our reality. To change your reality, whether we talk about your physical health, mental, emotional or spiritual wellbeing, you need to get to know your subconscious.

2) invest TIME in yourself. You are important, not only to the yourself, but to the Universe as well. Your life has a purpose. If you don’t know what it is yet, you need to give yourself at least 30 minutes per day where you listen to yourself and your body.

3) you are LOVED. Somewhere along the line this message gets distorted. Imagine how perfectly lovable a newborn baby is. Does it have to earn brownie points first before the parents love it? Of course not. The question is: when did you become unlovable? The answer is: you didn’t. You are still loved as much as when you were born, so start feeling it! Become your own parent and shower your heart with love, the same you would a newborn baby. Soon you will feel so lovable that you will have to hide from the world, because you have become a people magnet.

4) the Universe loves you too. Here I am showing you the six Solfeggio frequencies which represent our musical scale. The also correspond to a specific colour, and miraculously, to a particular chakra in your body.

For instance, middle C is related to the 528 hz frequency tone, which is associated to the colour green, which is related to the heart chakra. The 528 hz frequency is known as, the “528 Miracle,” because it has the remarkable capacity to heal and repair DNA within the body and is the exact frequency that has been used by genetic biochemists.

Green is the primary colour of Mother Nature. Our planet vibrates to the frequency of love. All we need to do is open our heart, because the language our heart ‘knows by heart’ is love.

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