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How to heal your gut in 21 days

I have seen thousands of clients like Brenda.

Brenda is a woman in her early 30’s who has been feeling tired, sluggish, and bloated for the past few years.

She’s tried everything to get back on track, but nothing seems to work.

Brenda’s story is not uncommon.

In fact, it’s the norm.

The average person has a compromised gut and low thyroid function.

I can help with both problems by using my knowledge of functional medicine to get to the root causes of the symptoms, like I am doing with Brenda today.

Brenda and I are observing a drop of live blood under the microscope in my treatment room.

Her digestion is extremely poor, and she has signs of low thyroid.

These are some of the things we could tell from studying her blood.

Brenda filled in the rest, by telling me that she has felt cold and grumpy for a long time, has brittle nails, her hair is thinning, and she has little resilience for stress.

Her ship of health was sinking fast!

Thankfully she had come to our facilities in the nick of time, and this is the feedback I got from Brenda after just 3 weeks:

It is so heartening, that I want to share it with you.

“When I first saw Pete, I was a complete shipwreck, but I left his room with renewed hope.

After doing a thorough check-up Pete suggested I begin supplementing with the Ultimate Vitality Boost and it worked!!

Some of my friends had warned me about possible detox reactions, especially from the iodine drops, but my response was smooth, fine, with no problems.

No stress, no nausea!

It started to heal my thyroid problem, warming up my body.

The Beetflow and Enzymes started up my digestion again, which felt strange, because I had struggled for so long. It was a good strange!

There was hope again.

My brain also began to wake up and work better.  

It informed my gut of the new life energy, and my brain fog lifted, giving me new energy in me all because of the iodine and the other supplements in the Ultimate Vitality Boost.

It started an unstoppable improvement, an awakening that is continuing to this day.

After missing out on life all those years, I will never get tired of taking these life altering supplements!

Thank you, Peter, for connecting the dots and giving me my life back!”

I want these results for everyone!

If you are struggling with low energy, chronic stress or pain, or not feeling as alive as you should be, and your digestion isn’t working the way it should, please check out the Ultimate Vitality Boost package.

We created this package after seeing thousands of clients struggling with the same issues.

You deserve better than feeling sluggish and bloated all day long!

Let us help you feel better so that you can live life more fully again.

I want to show you how easy it is for your body to heal itself when given the right tools and environment.

Click on the link to book an appointment, so you can start feeling better now.

We offer services such as live and dried blood analysis, urine and saliva analysis, food sensitivity testing, emotional stress relief and much more.

Click this link now to book and appointment or call our friendly receptionists on 03 64283007.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours to great health!