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How to Heal your Brain and Recover your Memory the natural way!

Have you ever left the supermarket heading for your car, only to realize that you can’t find it?

You have forgotten where you parked it 30 minutes earlier.

OR you were meant to pick up your outfit from the dry cleaners last week, and it skipped your mind?

You don’t remember it until you need it for an important interview and now you have nothing to wear?

No matter where you’re currently at in life – what industry you’re in, what your job is like, what your skills and expertise are, Alzheimer’s doesn’t discriminate, it strikes people from all walks of life.

I feel so passionate about this subject, not only because Alzheimers runs in my dad’s family, but global statistics are spine chilling as well.

  • 1500 people are diagnosed every week
  • The rate of Alzheimer’s has doubled in the last ten years
  • By 2050 we are expected to have 1 million people with Alzheimer’s

I don’t want this to be you!

Judy one of my clients sought my help for brain fog and debilitating memory loss.

“I am so forgetful all the time, what is wrong with me?”

 She is only 49, but her memory bank is like ‘Swiss Cheese, full of holes’. (her own words)

She needs lists for everything to get through the day and that is still not enough, her husband and children are constantly picking up the pieces behind her.

They are very worried.

Judy hasn’t been screened for Alzheimers, she was given anti-depressants instead, to help her cope with her insecurities.

She used to be confident and capable, but now that her world is crumbling, her stress levels are going through the roof.

To make matters worse, she has put on 10 kilos in the last year or so.  

Have you ever felt like this, that your health problems are spiraling out of control?

You might suffer from the dreaded brain fog or fatigue.

Or at times, forgetfulness makes it hard to contribute to a conversation, impacting your relationships.

For Judy, the pressure of not coping got to her in the end.

It was ‘do now or die’.

She had heard about our facilities from friends and she booked in for an investigation.

Thankfully it wasn’t too late to turn things around.

I looked at her live blood and noticed a lot of Candida, which is a yeast overgrowth that created brain fog and memory loss.

Candida is an invasive yeast and a real threat to our health but is largely ignored by the medical community.

I want you to know that you might be suffering from this villain, so I please check out this great Candida article here, I promise its and eye opener.

Please make sure you check it out!

Forewarned, is forearmed but let me tell you now that Candida in its early stages is harmless, in second stage is detrimental to your immune system and in the third stage, it shows up as cancer tumours.

Judy’s cells were dying in front of our eyes.

When we looked at her diet, I discovered that she only used skim milk and low fat products.

She also drank diet coke and too many processed foods, containing harmful artificial sugars like aspartame.

Artificial sugars are hidden in most low fat, diet style foods, and they ‘rot’ our brain.

Aspartame (also called Nutra sweet, Splenda or Equal) messes with our nervous system causing nerves to fire excessively.

Basically, it stimulates the neural cells to death. 

Moreover, researchers utilize aspartame to produce cancer and tumours in lab rats and, ironically, it’s been shown to promote obesity.

If you are reading this article and consume diet foods, I am sorry to tell you that your diet soda is not only causing brain dysfunction, it is making you gain weight because it interferes with your gut microbiome, making you feel more hungry, not less.

If this sounds like you, jump to the Ultimate Vitality Boost now, and start repairing you gut and nerve pathways.

I have created a free Ultimate Vitality Boost information ebook that tell you exactly how this works.

Judy also received a healing session from me, where I balanced her minerals, cleared the toxins from her energy field and restored her hydration levels.

She started on the Ultimate Vitality Boost.

Within 3 days, her brain fog lifted and her memory got sharper.

Within 4 weeks, the old Judy had returned and Judy now has sessions once a month to make sure she never descends into the misty lands of early Alzheimer’s.

The Ultimate Vitality Boost contains all the right ingredients to turn your health around.

Click here to buy the UVB ebook now so you can read up on why you need it too.

This is such a huge topic, that I have dedicated another article on the link between Alzheimer, memory loss and inflammation, so make sure you keep and eye out for my next blog/email.

Fermented foods are another way to create the perfect environment for your brain to heal. 

They heal and seal your gut and help you think smarter. 

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