Every family in Australia has been affected by chronic pain or disease – cancer, depression, PTSD, epilepsy, ALS, Alzheimers, Crohns, Anxiety, Diabetes, Addictions, Autoimmune diseases and the list goes on.

The numbers don’t lie.

Someone you know will either get cancer, suffer from chronic pain, memory loss, depression, injury or one of the hundreds of terrible and frightening diseases.

What’s worse is that people don’t believe they have any choice when it comes to their health!

It is time to change all that. 

Imagine the sense of freedom you enjoy when you know how to solve your own problems yourself!

  • Reboot your hormonal system
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Eliminate your pain
  • Improve your mental health
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Much more

I fell in love with reflexology from the moment I was introduced to it over 15 years ago.

It is a therapy that makes perfect sense and the more you do it, the more sense it makes!

Reflexology is the ‘twin’ of acupuncture and comes from an ancient art of healing.

Where the Chinese insert needles in certain points of the body to treat illness, WE use our fingers to press the reflex points on the hands, feet and ears, with the same results.

Until we have a reflexology session we don’t realise how sensitive and highly intelligent our hands and feet are and that they are covered in an abundance of nerve endings.

When the energy flow in our body is blocked or interrupted; we don’t gain power, we lose energy.

Reflexology is like removing the trees, dam walls and other obstructions from a river and when all this water/tension is released the body gets on with what it knows best: it follows the path of health, rather than disease.

Be prepared to experience miracles every day!  

There are surprising amounts of ways reflexology can help you and your family live a healthier happier life.

It can help alleviate headaches, cold symptoms, stress, sleep disorders, back pain, chronic fatigue, digestion, asthma and bronchitis, diabetes, infertility, old injuries and more.

Reflexology allows our nervous system to calm down and function normally.

Circulation is restored, blood flow improves and oxygen reaches deep into every cell.

You will experience an incredible sense of wellbeing.

During this workshop I will guide you step by step through the simple finger pressure techniques that send soothing energy throughout your body, instantly relaxing and relieving old aches and pains.

At the conclusion of this 2-day intensive workshop you will feel confident to work on yourself, your children, your parents and your workmates!

Reflexology will not only relieve pain, but in most cases, it will also remove the cause!

Mother Nature has given us a convenient way of freeing ourselves from pain and ill health.

Through reflexology you can enjoy a healthy relaxed lifestyle.

All you need is an open mind and a receptive body.

This weekend will be a great mix of relaxing and learning new things.

Weekend Workshop 17th & 18th July 2021 – 9:30am – 5:30pm both days

Investment – $495.00 per person ($250.00 per person for refresher/repeat reflexology)

Includes manual, morning and afternoon tea & laughter!

There are limited spots remaining, click here to book your tickets today !!!

No prior knowledge is required for this course.