“When I look in the mirror, I see nothing but bald patches.” Liz sighs defeatedly.

“All I wish is to run my hands through a full mop of hair like I used to, before it started falling out.”

“But my hairdresser said the chances of that are slim. She believes that my hair follicles are dead.”

“What have you tried so far?” I ask her while my eyes scan over her medical record.

I notice that she has been to some of the top specialists in the country.

“I haven’t left a stone unturned, believe me! The only reason I am here is because you were recommended to me by several friends, so I am in your hands now!” she admits jokingly.

Liz’s story is nothing new.

In fact, let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you felt completely invincible?

Like you did as a teenager?

When was the last time you got through an entire week without discomfort or niggling pain of some sort?

When did you last experience 100% confidence in your body’s ability to shake off the cold or flu?

What are your chances of slowing down the ageing process today?

Let me show you how Liz managed to do it.

Liz’s hair started to fall out after she got a promotion at work.

“Work is stressful but rewarding. The specialist told me I should change my lifestyle to lower my stress levels but I am not prepared to give up my job!” she adds vehemently.

Can you relate to this?

You are cruising along and suddenly Wham!

Out of nowhere you start cracking up.

Liz got alopecia, a condition where the immune system turns on itself and attack the hair follicles.

And there is no cure for it.

You might be suffering from sudden bouts of dizziness. Or unexplained food allergies. Or memory lapses. Migraines, IBS, diabetes, fibromyalgia or hormonal upsets.

You have used up all your sick days and taken numerous prescription drugs.

But you are still stuck, exactly where you started even though you have done everything you can.

Liz consented to a full diagnostic session with me, which included looking at her live blood sample followed by energy medicine/ energy diagnosis.

It showed up that she had parasites and leaky gut syndrome.

The combination of leaky gut and parasites is a double whammy to the immune system. It causes deep distress inside the body.

Thankfully I had just the right answer for her: the Ultimate Vitality Boost.

In the meantime, I’d also picked up that Liz’s immune system was worn out from suppressing a huge trauma at age 18.

When I asked her if she remembered a trauma at that age, her whole face crumpled.

“I sure do.. I had an abortion…. I accidentally fell pregnant and never even told my boyfriend at the time, because I was in no place to have a baby or be a mum…”

“Anyway, I thought I had put all that behind me!” she muttered.

“Your conscious mind has dealt with it, but stress and pain of that event still feels very active in your subconscious mind and blocks the flow in your energetic field.” I tell her.

“It is not unusual. We all get away with blocking out painful memories, but sometimes we have suppressed trauma or painful memories for so long that our immune system (which is the same as our subconscious mind) has become allergic to it.”

It is almost as if it wants to expel them from our bodies. But that is impossible so it starts to attack its own tissues.

That is my explanation for auto immune disorders.

Does this resonate with you?

Until now you may not have realised how incredibly smart your body is.

That your body is a genius.

For instance 1 cubic centimetre of brain tissue has the capacity to hold all the information of the entire universe.

Why would something so incredibly smart, your immune system, attack it’s own tissue for no good reason?

There has to be a proper reason for it, and I believe that I have found it.

Your body has filed everything you have ever experienced in an organised filing system.

There is a huge file for EMOTIONS.

It has an extra large file for ANGER, FEAR, SADNESS, GUILT AND SHAME.

If this wasn’t the case, your NERVOUS SYSTEM would short out all the time from overload.

Then there are many files for sub emotions.

Your brain will compare what you are experiencing in this moment to events in the past and file it accordingly.

Let me make this clearer to you.

Imagine you had a difficult start to life and your birth was traumatic.

Perhaps you were stuck in the birth canal for a while.

Your brain/immune system created a new file with the heading : TRAPPED/STUCK

It filled up with 80% stress straight away, and you haven’t even taken your first breath yet.

Now you are 38, have a partner, 2 kids, a mortgage and a demanding job.

Even though today’s stresses are only measured at 25% (if you could measure them), it will be added to the 80% stress from birth.

Your predominant emotion/feeling of everyday will be I FEEL TRAPPED! I FEEL STUCK!

Everyday this feeling is out of proportion in relation to todays stress levels.

You might even become ‘allergic’ to the feeling of this present situation, because this file in your nervous system is 105% full and the alarm bells are ringing at the slightest provocation.

Even though you love your partner, your kids, your work and your house, something has to give, so you quit the relationship.

You may even become involved in another relationship, only to experience the same feeling of stuckness again.

Or you may not leave your relationship, but something still has to give.

So your health starts cracking up.

You might break a few bones accidentally.

Or you lose your hair.

Or you get asthma or breast cancer.

The bad news is that your file will only get bigger and bigger and you will go through life in a state of overload, with your health or relationships cracking up at minor humps in the road.

Suppressed trauma robs the immune system of energy and causes illness, pain, premature ageing and death.

Consciously we don’t realise the extent of our subconscious suppressions.

Our subconscious might be busy extinguishing spot fires all day long and then we wonder why we are so exhausted or sick all the time.

We simply just can’t get better.

The good news is that you don’t need to suffer any longer.

At our facilities we specialise in taking car of ALL ASPECTS OF YOU: PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL.

We take care of your physical health / problems with very specific testing like the full Biomedx.

You will be given the results of the tests, and what that means for you, on the day of testing.

You will be sent a report with dietary guidelines and specific supplements for your individual needs, because everyone is unique.

Energy medicine is a different approach that covers your energetic body.

Energetic medicine is really the way forward, the modern approach to old problems.

It is very grounded and down to earth and results are instantaneous.

By using energy medicine, we can systematically find your stresses that haven’t been dealt with, or that might have been overlooked before.

We then clear and release them with energy.

You not only feel so much better immediately after a session, you will also gain a deeper appreciation and respect for yourself and become more at peace with others.

These sessions free a up tremendous amount of energy in the body.

This sets your immune system free to do what it does best: heal the problem.

You will reach a new level of health and wellbeing just like Liz did and many thousands of clients before her.

Liz went home with the Ultimate Vitality Boost to give her body a chance to recover.

We will never know if the Ultimate Vitality Boost helped Liz turn the corner, or whether healing started with her diagnostic session with me.

However the result is that Liz’s scalp is now covered with new soft hair.

She also lost 5 kilos which was a welcome surprise.

I believe the supplements cleaned out her gut and made it so much easier for her to digest her food efficiently, that she released weight without even trying.

These are the types of results I want for you.

Remember that 80% of your immune system resides in the gut so no matter which approach to health you choose, getting your gut in tip top shape is an absolute top priority.

And this is the reason we created the Ultimate Vitality Boost package to make it convenient for you to get started today.

This product has been so popular that we constantly run low on Beetflow, go here to buy it now to ensure you get yours!

Much love,

Your helper in HEALTH CREATION