Our clinic got burgled last week.

Thankfully not much damage was done, other than broken glass and the loss of some cash.

That is what my brain told me; nothing to worry about… just get on with it…

My body told a different story.

I stayed in shock all day, and couldn’t digest my food. In between clients I had to do massive burps, reminding myself of my aunties who were known for their loud burping!

Have you ever experienced this: your mind tells you to relax, everything is OK, but your nervous system remains in flight and fight (or freeze)?

When we are in fight and flight, our stomach acid levels plummet, and we can’t digest our foods properly.

Now, it’s easy to see how an invasion of your own property can trigger this.

But it’s harder for us to recognize how much chronic stress our nervous and digestive system are under, simply from living our daily lives on planet earth.

We have our superficial worries, general wear and tear, pressures of paying the bills on time, keeping everyone happy, concerns about the kids, never feeling good enough and then to top it off, we have our daily routine to get through.

All this has an effect on our stomach acid production.

Now most people believe that when they experience bloating, heartburn or tummy aches, they are suffering from too much stomach acid.

They are prescribed nexium and losec or ant- acids.

Now they are in real trouble!

Because the opposite is true: they aren’t producing enough.

Lack of hydrochloric acid creates heartburn, bloating, allergies, low energy, impotence, brittle hair and nails, lacklustre skin, depression and anxiety.

You need to supplement with Betaine HCL to boost the smouldering embers of your faulty digestion.

(As well as look at ways to de-stress like going to bed early, enjoying a hot magnesium bath or having a regular massage. Click the link below to book one online)

Thankfully my burping from the shock only lasted one day and by Saturday I had completely recovered.

I credit the Ultimate Vitality Boost package for that.

Every day I take Beetflow, Omnizyme, Immuno-synbiotic and Iodine and this forms the foundation of my health.

I used to take lots of Betaine HCL as well, but today my body tends to have great stomach acid levels. They used to be notoriously low, right from when I was at high school.

I really want these results for you too!

If you notice that your stress levels are creeping up or your digestion isn’t what it should be, you don’t cope with shocks as well as you should, or you have lost your spark, book in with Peter for a Biomedx session.

Pete will be able to tell you exactly what ails you during your Biomedx session.

Every day, Peter’s clients thank him for turning their health around.

You deserve the best life too!

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Yours to great health! Pete and Grada