Many clients have asked me to help them overcome unwanted thoughts to get out of cycles of fear and worry.

If you relate to that, watch this video.

I’m going to show you that you actually have 2 minds and each one needs to be addressed differently for you to thrive.

Right now, collectively we are going through a portal of spiritual awakening.

Once we step through we can start to enjoy a consistent state of inner peace but we’re not there yet.

Most of us experience worry and fear because theres a disconnect between our Conscious and Subconscious minds.

Our conscious mind is the realm of thoughts and makes up about 5% of us.

It’s behind the steering wheel of the car.

The subconscious mind represents the vehicle. It mostly obeys the conscious mind and is the realm of feelings, our 5 senses, memories and runs our body.

It makes up around 95% of our being.

The problem is we’ve learned all about our conscious mind, to follow science and to be rational.

We are completely left in the cold when it comes to relating to the other 95% of us.

Let’s address the thinking mind first.

Our thinking mind mostly lies to us! Yes this might come as a shock, but it really doesn’t care much about truth.

This mind, also called our separate mind, is addicted to never feeling good enough and loves to feed us negative fearful thoughts.

This mind tends to rob you of your joy, confidence and life force.

Here’s how you can stop it and breakthrough this pattern:

1) Think of a negative thought. 

“I will run out of money soon and I won’t be able to pay my bills.” “I will catch the virus, infect my elderly parents and then they might die.”

You’ll notice your energy drop as soon as you think like that.

Thankfully we can only think one thought at the time, so here comes step two:

2) Ask yourself: 

“What if this isn’t true” or “How do I know this is intrinsically true?”

You can use this question to counteract any negative thought.

You’ll notice a calmness in your body when you do this repeatedly.

The truth is your mind is playing cat and mouse with you! Stop buying your own lies and give your mind something else to occupy itself with.

Another important thing to remember is that your thoughts are not created by you.

They are simply picked up by your satellite dish, your brain.

Your brain tunes into all sorts of thought streams and influences.

Its up to you which thoughts to tune into or tune out to.

You’re in charge of your thoughts. You are not a victim of your thoughts, but it might feel like that sometimes.

You have the power to take control of your thinking by dialling into a frequency of uplifting thoughts.

3) Don’t listen to mainstream news. 

It’s mostly misinformation and it will contaminate your thinking. Listen to a podcast or music instead.

4) Say out loud: 

Not that thought! and wipe the screen of your mind clean with a mental windscreen wiper.

All these practices are simple to do and also simple to ignore.

However, just like you wash your clothes and shower every day its even more important to put your thinking brain through the laundry.

When it comes to your subconscious mind, the other 95% of you, it gets tricky.

All our traumatic experiences and emotional suppression are stored here.

Our subconscious mind, which is really the driving force behind the scenes, is also the same as our immune system.

We all want a strong immune system yet we don’t receive any education about how to keep it strong.

Our subconscious mind has the mindset of a 7-year-old child. If your inner child feels ignored, neglected, forgotten or unsafe, chances are that your health starts to break down, you have frequent accidents, mysterious aches and pains or chronic high-stress levels.

To boost your immune system start paying attention to what you feel and take notice of how you talk to yourself all day long.

What feelings, images, or body sensations are coming up for you?

When it comes to your feelings: what you resist persists.

If you have sadness and you’re in denial of the hurt/sadness, its going to come back and bite you.

You won’t be able to get out of bed, you might get hay fever, you feel flat and dull or lack motivation. You might even get pneumonia because sadness is expressed through the lungs.

To release sadness try watching a tear-jerker. Write in a journal and let the tears flow, or sing or dance. Move it through your body so it can be released.

Blame/shame is another big one.

These emotions have a vibrational energy that are close to the frequency of dying.

They really lower our energy.

That’s why blaming and shaming are so hurtful.

If you have a constant heavy feeling in your body its most likely shame.

Watch this video to release those emotions from your body so you become calm, centred and strong.

During my treatments I focus on releasing energy blocks from your body so the floodgates of health open for you.

This will flow out into other areas of your life. Your relationships become more fulfilling, you feel more connected and it is easier to be successful.

Email me at to see if this would help you.

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Much love, Grada

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