Hi everyone,

How can I do a successful treatment without you being in my room? Or being on the other side of the world?

This has Pete baffled, so he created a list of questions that I will answer as truthfully as possible.

Pete: How can you clear physical pain, stress or trauma when they are not physically present?

Grada: I get my clients to relax in a quiet room all by themselves, where they are not going to be interrupted, they can lie on their bed e.g and I connect with them over the phone or Zoom.

As soon as I hear their voice the information about their condition/pain/stuckness starts coming through. You have to remember that we are 99.999% energy and energy is information that can be detected and decoded, so to speak. I work very fast and deep as well, so I work to find the root cause of their pain and then heal it with energy, so the problem is gone.

Do your clients have to believe in what you do for it to work?

No, they don’t because I connect in with the innermost being of the client by talking to their body. Your body wants to be heard and listened to and it has many stories to tell. In a way, I am the bridge between the person’s mind and subconscious mind.

What sort of things can your clients experience during a session?

They can feel a rush of energy, a sense of expansion, tingling or tears might come, or they get the urge to go to the toilet and this is all a sign that pockets of stuck or toxic energy are being released and moved out of the body. This makes you feel very relaxed and peaceful. It is like a complete reset for your body.

Sometimes there is unfinished business with a loved one or a pet that died and they come through to help heal the “open wounds”. Regardless of what happens, it is always a very positive experience. Most people don’t realize how much they are loved and cherished by the Universe and by their loved ones who have passed over.

In your opinion, what is the cause of pain and stress in the body? Or lack of success or progress in life? What causes stuckness?

It is nearly always to do with blocked emotions, which can be from your lifetime, but quite often it is generational or ‘past lives’.

The pain from the emotional wound has become stuck in the body and now it is stopping you from moving forward because the body wants you to deal with whatever the issue is.

If you don’t deal with it, your children and grandchildren will have to do it. It just keeps being passed down.

When we get sick or triggered, it’s a signal that some deeper work needs to be done.

Not just pain or stress, I am also talking about relationship problems or money issues that don’t resolve.

I keep scanning the body throughout the session, to see where the blockages are held and it is like peeling layers off the onion, till finally, we get to the core of the person and then there is a huge sense of relief and wellbeing.

Do you always tell your clients what you see?

No, I don’t need to talk to them, so sometimes I work quietly with energy.

Mostly though, it is great for the client to get clarity around something that they have forgotten, and to bring the emotions to the surface so the body can release it.

And because I work on an energetic level, the release happens really fast and easy.

Even if there are tears, there is usually no distress and only a sense of lightness and expansion.

Why do you ask your clients not to do other healing modalities for 7 days after a session with you?

The reason is that when I work with my clients I go really really deep into the subconscious and this gives the body a chance to continue finding more issues that it will want to release and dissolve during the next 7 days.

If you suddenly bombard the tissues with a massage or a chiropractic correction, it is going to freak out, because there is so much going on inside the body right now it will be thrown off track.

So it is best to rest up as much as possible, drink lots of water with Himalayan salt, show yourself some respect and consideration to maximize the healing process.

I am not sure if Pete got all the answers he needs to quell his skeptical mind….

The best way to find out would be for him to sleep in the spare bedroom so he can have a remote session! :)

Hope you found this helpful!

I am here to help you move through your blockages so you can be resilient, bounce back quicker and feel calm and peaceful regardless of your circumstances.

Call us on 0428283007 or the best way to reach us is by email: purplehouseforth@bigpond.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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