Here Pete and I are giving you some tips and insights into how I healed myself from massive internal injuries after being hit by a truck in 2006.

Most of you know about it but for those of you who don’t know me, I got struck down by a truck as a pedestrian in Jan 2006.

It left me with a head injury, broken neck, 10 broken vertebrae, 5 broken ribs, pulverized sacrum, and my pelvis was smashed to bits. I also had a ruptured liver and other internal injuries.

I was told I would never use the toilet again, never walk again, would need hip replacements and always live with my injuries.

Despite all this, I was back at work in June that year.

I have since broken my wrist and healed it in 2 weeks. So has my daughter Lisanne, and another daughter Mieke broke both elbows and recovered in a fortnight as well.

I want to know why some of us can heal very quickly, and yet others are nursing the same fractures and injuries for years.

Is it repeatable? Can anyone do it?

I believe so.

I invite you to listen to our story, what helped me and what works for me today.

Today I visited the GP after having a series of X-rays taken to see how my spine and pelvis are faring after 13 years.

Incredibly, even my sacrum is perfectly normal! My spine is in tip-top shape, so is my pelvis. If it hadn’t been for screws and plates, nobody would be any the wiser that I ever had an accident.

My body did what it knows best: it healed itself according to the blueprint for perfect health, which is stored in my subconscious mind,

Your subconscious can do the same so sit back with a cuppa and enjoy..

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Yours to great health! (It’s all in your hands) Pete and Grada