Today we had a question: how can we help children with autism?

This is a very relevant question today, because 1 in 70 people in Australia are on the autism spectrum.

Tune in to our suggestions here.

The bottom line is that gut health makes a huge difference, especially GcMAF. It is responsible for activating Macrophages which eradicate bacteria, viruses and other unwanted cells within the body.

GcMAF is normally produced in our small intestine, but quite often this is impaired in people with autism.

You can get good levels of GcMAF from fermented colostrum.

Colostrum powder isn’t cheap, and relatively hard to obtain, (we stock it at the clinic) but is so worth it. Colostrum, or ‘first milk’, is a nutritionally rich source of enzymes, antibodies and other immune-boosting ‘superfoods’.

You can ferment your own healthy drinks with it once you obtain the milk kefir grains as a culture starter. This contains GcMAF, which saves you buying it from overseas.

Iodine is also important to help the nervous system remain integrated. 

Mighty Mins are needed to support children with autism because their nutritional needs are huge, way more than children without autism.

A low carb high fat or ketogenic diet supports the nervous and immune systems.

And then we have Biohawk products which are especially important for anyone with immune issues as well as people with autism. 

So are healthy probiotics!

We also help children with autism with energy medicine.

This is the most exciting and rewarding aspect of healing for us at the clinic.

Changes are often noticeable during the session and afterwards the body keeps on correcting itself for days.

Energy medicine is very fast, accurate and the results are lasting.

Energy medicine is also the hardest to explain, so here is a story by a happy mum who came with her daughter without much hope.

Her child has severe autism, she didn’t connect with her mum and refused to go to the toilet. This is after one session:

Hi Grada

I thought I would send you an update on Isla since seeing you – she had a low grade fever later that day that came every afternoon for a week along with a cough.

She’s been taking all the supplements like a champ and we wormed everyone in the house and cleaned/vacuumed it top to toe.

Isla has been soooo much happier, relaxed, we’re on day 18 of no soiling, she’s self initiating to go to the toilet, changing herself if she’s a little damp from wee (this has NEVER happened) and not fighting me about toileting either.

The difference already is incredible and I can only hope it continues.

I’m sooooo delighted for Isla and very grateful to you for fitting us in, it’s given both of us hope for the future and a much needed break of an awful cycle.

Thank you again

Isla continued to improve with each session, showing her mum love and affection and becoming a star student at school.

What more can I say?

If you are sitting on the fence, call Leica and book your children in for a much needed tune up on 64283007.

Looking forward to working with you! Pete and Grada