Is your health still on track?

“Good morning Gary, what can I do for you this morning?” I ask as my client arrives.

“I just want to see if I’m still on track or not,” he says, “I’ve been away on holiday and as you know it’s a bit harder to keep up good habits when you’re away.”


Gary has booked in for the half hour Biomedx followup appointment which he has been having on a regular basis since he had the initial Biomedx session 3 or 4 years ago. This followup every 8 weeks has included looking at the live and dried blood and a check of his urine tests to detect any imbalances.

“How have you been feeling?” I ask.

“Yes, good. Actually relaxed and well,” he states “despite maybe going off track a bit.”

“I always keep up my good amounts of water and Himalayan salt and iodine.” He adds, “Been having a few carbs while away though, which I know aren’t the best.”

We check his live blood. This showed really good red cell isolation within the plasma.

“Well done, this looks near perfect!” I said, congratulating him. “How are you sleeping? Does a full bladder wake you up at night again?”

Initially when Gary first came he was being woken a couple of times during the night with a full bladder and was extremely lethargic, finding it hard to wake up of a morning.

“Why is that?” he asks, “Some nights I do I admit.”

“The blood has a lot of plasma or water separating the cells which is good,” I offer, “sometimes though, it can indicate you may not be absorbing water into the cells.”

“The urine numbers will verify this,” I reassure him.

The live blood also show a few too many little fat particles for being 3 hours after his breakfast.

“These are fuel in the fuel tank you are finding hard to access,” I point out the tiny little particles darting all around the sample under the microscope. “It could mean the bile isn’t flowing quite well enough to adequately break them down for the cells to use. Maybe those extra carbohydrates when you were holidaying have clogged your liver up a bit, preventing good bile flow. Maybe increase the Beetflow for a while, I’ll let you know once I’ve completed the urine tests.”

Gary had initially come after having a heart attack and now he is wanting to make sure his health is on track to avoid any further scares like he had then. He has taken on board all our education which can be contrary to what we’ve been brought up to believe. He regularly starts his day with a smoothie similar to the Purple House smoothie, with Bioraculous and fresh greens from his own garden. He is aware that adding 2 to 3 big spoonfuls of good fats is paramount for nice, constant energy levels all day long. These include coconut oil (melt by placing the jar in warm water), cream, full cream yoghurt and flaxseed oil as per Johanna Budwig’s recipe.

I check his urine numbers and indeed his cell membrane permeability has gone out of balance. The cells have become impermeable to water and nutrients again which explains the need to empty his bladder at night with some associated constipation and also why his blood is looking so good with a lot of water or plasma. This can lead to extra pressure within the bloodstream which his heart wouldn’t need following his heart attack.

The ureas which look at protein digestion were also a bit out of balance explaining those excess little fats still in his blood stream.

Finally a quick look at the dried blood verifies some of our previous findings. It wont take much to tweak Gary’s system to rebalance things. He still feels good but by ‘catching a stitch in time saves nine’ as the saying goes. Gary happily collects some extra supplements and I hear him say to Luisa: “Another appointment in 8 weeks please.”

If you have ever had an initial Biomedx session and want to ensure you’re still on the right track by following Gary’s example, you can rest assured you’re doing the best for your health. At $95 for a Biomedx followup every couple of months, it’s like servicing your car. Except you can replace your car and you only have one YOU. Make sure you are the best you can be and reach old age without needing medical care or a nursing home.

If your initial Biomedx session was over 12 months ago a repeat of all your readings would be advisable to regain baseline numbers – a followup like Gary will guarantee good health.

If you genuinely sick of all your aches and pains and lacklustre energy ring 64283007 to book yourself in. You deserve it!

Till next time, Pete