For as long as our client David remembered, his digestion had been touch and go. Sometimes he had to be hospitalized because his problems were so severe. He ended up having to take an enormous amount of medication every day, which left him feeling bloated and lethargic.

However after a month of weekly massages his digestion markedly improved and his Doctor was able to reduce his drug intake. After two months of weekly treatments he announced that he had actually suffered from bi-polar most of his life but had forgotten to tell us (!) However since the massage treatments he felt more ‘normal’ than ever before.

As his digestion became stronger and stronger his body started to receive the nutrients it had been starved of for years. His GP was as happy as we were and reduced his medication even further.

Slowly but surely his brain fog, lethargy, and poor memory improved and he became active and involved in terms of his health.

After a while he was able to reduce his weekly sessions to fortnightly and he has been going strong ever since. The digestive problems haven’t surfaced for years. He is one of our many success stories.

Why do you think something as simple as a regular massage helped David recover from ‘incurable’ bipolar and poor digestion? It is nothing to do with magic, and everything to do with the Vagus Nerve.

Did you know that our thinking brain has an office branch in our tummy? Connecting these two brains is a bundle of nerves called the Vagus (which means ‘wandering’ in Latin). These nerves constantly send information to and from the gut and the brain. Some of the nerves wander around the other organs inside our abdominal cavity, making sure we can breathe and swallow properly, that we are able to taste our foods, our heart rhythm is strong and our bowels healthy and regular.

Stimulating and toning the vagus on a weekly basis helped David to regain perfect harmony in his body and mind.

David had been lucky he hadn’t suffered from any other Vagus imbalances like moodiness, inflammation, heart irregularities or poor attention span. The vagus is often the root cause of many things, but is rarely considered the culprit of our poor health, because testing its efficacy is too difficult as it’s such a complex nerve.

All those massage strokes have a deeply hypnotic effect on the subconscious, which oversees healing the body. With each massage it gets more and more relaxed. Blood starts to circulate freely around the body and toxins are removed from the lymphatic system. The muscles, tendons and ligaments also get a good go-over.

Serotonin is one of those feel good chemicals that are released during the massage. Serotonin helps you to feel deeply relaxed and at peace. This means you are better company for your family and friends.

To get maximum benefit:

our therapists may combine cranio-sacral release, reflexology, kinergetics or other forms of energy medicine with your massage. This can be discussed with you at the start of the session.

1 hr Massage $95

1 hr Massage + healing/combination as per discussion with you $145

½ hr Massage $80

(Please note that a consultation with Grada is always $245 and she is usually booked 4 weeks ahead.) Call our friendly team on 64283007 to discuss your needs or to organise an appointment. Or check out: and book online.

Massages with Peter, Grada, and Tina are claimable on Private Health Funds, through Hicaps (instant health rebate). Sarah Anne’s reflexology sessions are claimable with your Private Health funds.

PS: many newborns suffer from a Vagus imbalance because the nerves may have been trapped or traumatized during the birth. This impairs digestion and causes colic. One or two ½ hour treatments is often all it takes to allow the digestion to catch up to the rest of the body.

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