I am a great believer in feeling your feelings. 

My early life was an ideal training ground for a budding intuitive therapist. My mother was very warm and loving, but she struggled with pain and depression. Even as a child I wanted to become the worlds best healer, so I could alleviate her pain. She was funny and chatty, as well as pessimistic and catastrophic. 

My Dad was a rock. A man of few words. He couldn’t work for anyone else because he was too stubborn, and always had his own businesses, which followed a boom and bust pattern. My parents were devoted to each other and their 5 kids, but there was a lot of uneasiness. Every now and then the tension would reach a peak, my Dad would lose his cool and the sky would fall on our heads.

I learnt from a very early age to feel all kinds of energy shifts in the house.

By tuning into that energy, an unpleasant situation (read: domestic violence) could sometimes be avoided. Or if the situation exploded, I would bring out my resident coach and cry and counsel myself in the safety of my bedroom till I found peace.

For my Dad, feelings were to be squashed and ignored and emotions were not to be trusted. It worked for him because he was a Viking and he didn’t have any qualms about erupting like Mount Vesuvius every now and then. If he had any guilt or remorse, he didn’t show it.

That is the thing with feelings; they need to be expressed otherwise we become a danger to ourselves and others. We either explode, like my dad, or implode.

In 2008 I suffered from acute Panic Disorder. The twin towers were continually collapsing in my head, and for my own good, I spent 8 weeks in a psychiatric unit. My mind was broken and my intuitive powers that I used to rely on, were up the creek. I was a rudderless ship. I would never wish that state of being on anyone.

OK; I was nearly killed in 2006 by a passing truck, and the mental illness was blamed on that trauma, but I knew that the can of worms was much bigger than that. For me to make full recovery, I had to stop being the person I had been in the past, including my childhood programming and much more. I had to re-invent myself. I had to get back to basics in order to find my internal navigator.

Here’s something I had never been taught at school: a ‘feeling’ is simply a sensation / energy moving through your body for the purpose of release, so you can realign yourself with your Highest self.

A blocked ‘emotion’ is a feeling that is blocked. The feeling got stuck, the flow got cut off causing it to be trapped in your physical and energetic body. This creates a dullness, loss of vibrancy, lack of energy and leads to illness because you become out of alignment with your Highest self. You haven’t been taking heed of your internal navigator.

  • When we live from reaction, we are expressing a past feeling that hasn’t been fully felt.
  • When we are truly feeling, we are completely present and conscious in the moment as the sensations rise in our body. We are simply sitting with them and giving our feelings a chance to be expressed like I am trying to do today. Tears are usually the most natural way to release excess energy from our body.

Most people don’t feel safe enough to fully express their feelings and they continue to live inauthentically, cut off from their inner power.

My Dad probably turned out the way he was because his father was even more emotionally straight-jacketed. Who knows how many centuries of un-shed tears and fears were in his body?

Developing emotional intelligence is something new in my family lineage. It is new territory that as a culture we are only just learning to live in. To do this successfully, we need to overcome thousands of years of programming.

I created the Surge to Success Programs and my Heal Your Life Mastery Program especially for people who have been on a journey of personal / spiritual growth for a while so they gain clarity, freedom from pain and confusion while enjoying a new found sense of confidence.


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It can be the most frightening thing ever to allow ourselves to really feel what we are feeling, because we are afraid that we might die from the intensity, drown in our sadness, or become a mass murderer if we allow our anger to surface.

The truth is that we are far more dangerous if we don’t allow ourselves to feel what we are really feeling. We are setting ourselves up for failure.

All blockages to success (whether they are health, love, or money related) are based on unexpressed and unresolved anger, fear and sadness.

It takes a lot of energy to please others, to fit in or to avoid conflict. If we aren’t being authentic, we aren’t living a life that was intended for us by the Universe and we begin to lose trust in ourselves and our journey.

We start to second guess ourselves all the time and rely on external sources to give us happiness and joy. We become more and more insecure. Eventually our bodies will scream out at us with a variety of health problems or mental conditions.

Today, give yourself the grace and space to really feel what you are feeling without sugar coating it, editing, or judging or justifying.

The degree to which you are able to allow the feelings to pass through you is the degree to which you allow the Divine access to come through you into and for the world.

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