“Pain in the neck.”

“Pain in the butt.”

“That project is a real headache!”

Do you sometimes use these expressions when you feel annoyed and irritated?

You feel so upset, you could easily give up and walk away from that situation.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the real thing, like a real headache or migraine, you simply can’t walk away.

There is no escape.

On top of physical pain, headaches also hurt the hip pocket.

Headaches cost money.

Do you agree?


According to Migraine and Headache Australia website the direct and indirect costs of migraine alone would be about $35.7 billion pa.

The statistics are frightening!

4.9 million Australians experience migraines!

Up to seven million are tension-type headache sufferers (36% for men and 42% for women) according to their website.

Nearly all those with migraines and 60% of those with tension-type headaches are losing out at work and in their social life.

I remember one of my brothers often arriving home from school and going straight to bed with a migraine headache.

Once he had vomited it would clear and he would be ready for dinner at night!

We have another young client who would often be in her darkened room due to migraines and for some reason more so when her period was due.

Does this resonate with you or with someone you know?

Keep reading because we share some solutions.

Melinda, a young woman in her mid-20s came to our facilities for a “complete health analysis”.


She was experiencing migraine-type headaches two to three times a week, not leaving her with much time to enjoy life at all.

During the testing, I was able to determine her liver was under lots of stress.

She was 50 % dehydrated, causing sticky, thick blood.

This puts extra stress on the liver and kidneys.

The cellular membranes were not as permeable as they should have been.

There was also mineral or electrolyte deficiency.

There were quite a few imbalances so her body couldn’t function correctly.

Often if you bring things into balance with diet, lifestyle changes, and supplemented nutrition, the body will be able to function properly and symptoms of imbalances disappear.

When Melinda began supplementing to help the cell membranes gain adequate permeability, she began experiencing constant headachesbecause her cells were beginning to open up and function normally.

They were getting rid of their waste, but her liver wasn’t ready for the extra workload.

I recommended doing a liver/gallbladder cleanse.

When she did her headaches disappeared.

“Beetflow” was then enough to assist the liver to rid the toxins successfully, to prevent further headaches.

The other young teenager was also helped with the same “Beetflow” capsules.

Whenever she forgot to take them her migraines returned.

The nitric acid from the beets and the amino acid Taurine both dilate little tubes or ducts in the body.

They dilate arteries to get better blood supply to the brain.

Vasal constriction is thought to be a cause of migraines.

They also achieve detoxification of the body by assisting the biliary ducts to drain the waste and toxins efficiently via the liver.

Another interesting thing we have discovered over the years how young women who suffer more frequently are often on the contraceptive pill or implant.

These hormones cause constriction of the ovarian ducts to prevent the egg coming up to be fertilised.

But alas they work on every little duct in the body, which includes the liver’s biliary ducts.

This combined with an upsurge of hormones towards the time of your period exerts extra work on an already overstressed liver.

It’s the liver’s job also to break down those extra hormones and dispose of them.

Then there is the tension headache which is often caused by irritation of the nerves supplying the skull and scalp.

The nerve supply to the back of the scalp comes up through the trapezius muscles.

When these tighten through work or stress (particularly stress) the nerves are pinched and headaches ensue.

When the muscles start pulling on the base of the skull or the shoulder blades we will experience pain in these areas as well.

When this occurs, we have the natural instinct to bring our shoulders up even closer to our ears.

This relieves the pain but also shortens the muscles even further.

A good habit instead is to lengthen the muscles out.

Pull your head over to the front and then both sides at the front.

You always hold the stretch for the count of twenty and always do it twice.

This teaches the brain to let it loosen.

And remember magnesium relaxes muscles as well as helps us in times of stress.

‘It is the mineral to drop us out of flight and fright (stress mode).

Calcium pushes us further into it.

We often receive plenty of calcium in our diets but never anywhere near enough magnesium.

We recommend nearly everyone to take as much as the bowel will tolerate.

Too much and you start having loose bowel actions.

You don’t have to be among the 4.9 million people suffering migraines or the 7 million with tension headaches.

A great de-stress massage or Bowen or energy healing coupled with adequate water (a litre for every 30 kg of body weight) and Himalayan salt (1/4 teaspoon for every litre of water drunk), plus extra magnesium and a Beetflow capsule three times a day will set you on the road to recovery.

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