Your head is like a jigsaw puzzle!

Did you realise that your head is like a jigsaw puzzle? It is made of many pieces of bone which fit together in a very intricate, three dimensional way. At birth it is made up of even more bones because a newborn baby’s head has to be malleable to pass through the birth canal.

Sarah Anne is arguably the most experienced Craniosacral Therapist and Instructor in Tasmania, having qualified in London in the early nineties. Craniosacral Therapy is quite amazing; it is so incredibly gentle and yet Sarah can tweak a bone in your spine, the same as an osteopath would, and you would hardly feel it happen. At least not the usual “clunk click” which you get with a manipulation! It is a manipulation which works from the inside of the spine by very gently encouraging the bones and membranes of the spine back into alignment, allowing the nervous system to work properly and the pain to dissolve.

Back to the babies; there was an Obstetrician at the course that Sarah attended. This doctor was going to incorporate Craniosacral Therapy in her London Clinic for antenatal, postnatal and baby health. What a wise doctor! Every baby should have the benefit of a Craniosacral treatment after they are born. Because the head (or jigsaw puzzle) is compressed during the birthing process, the pieces of the jigsaw can be pressed together too tightly which creates pressure on the important nerves that supply the body. Even the tiniest amount of undue pressure can affect the messages from the brain to the body; hence we end up with crying, colicky babies, excess vomiting and reflux.

This is primarily caused by some degree of pressure on the Vagus nerve. To give you a little anatomical lesson, the Vagus nerve is a huge nerve and takes its name from the word vagabond because of the way it wanders around the body. It supplies all of our major organs with the messages from the brain to keep them working healthily and well, but if the jigsaw or head is ever so slightly misaligned the messages cannot get through properly and, hey presto, things don’t work so well.

The College which Sarah trained at would like to see all midwives become proficient in Craniosacral Therapy because if you can iron out any distortions in the head and body from the birthing process you reduce the chance of that crying, colicky baby. And it would be no surprise to you that when Sarah Anne puts her hands on you as an adult she can tell you what sort of birth you had because the stresses of birth are still in the body, it does not matter how old you are now!

Headaches, neck ache, digestive problems, allergies, back issues, chronic fatigue and hormonal upsets all stem from what happened to you during your birth. The crying, colicky baby becomes the adult with less than perfect health! But it is never too late! Those stuck bones can be gently released at any age. Our body always wants to be well and it just needs a helping hand sometimes.

Pain is something which responds very well to Craniosacral Therapy. A young client was recommended to Sarah Anne who had extreme TMJ pain (i.e. jaw pain, which can affect the whole head and body). The pain was so acute that she travelled kilometres to see Sarah Anne in a desperate attempt to find relief. The 16 year old girl had recently completed 2 years of orthodontic work with the usual wires, braces and gadgets having been fitted. Sarah Anne explained that it would require a few treatments to correct the imbalances caused by the orthodontic work even though she now had beautiful teeth. In actuality braces do not only move the teeth, they move the whole of the bony structure of the face and head! Then the bones are screaming out because they are jammed up.

Everyone who has braces should have regular Craniosacral treatments. It helps all of the bones to adjust to the pressures created by the braces and it can actually help the teeth to go to their desired positions quicker saving you money off your orthodontic bill.

The young client gratefully gave herself over to Sarah’s capable hands. During this process Sarah made an assessment of how the pain and locked up bones were affecting the whole of her body. Since her client had had the braces she had also developed period pains. The reason is that the head isn’t separate from the rest of the body! Anything we do to one part of the body affects the others.

You would expect that it would take a course of treatments to alleviate the pain this young girl suffered, so she was quite blown away when two days later all of the pain had disappeared! The family was so impressed that they all booked themselves in with Sarah Anne to address their various health issues.

If you know anyone who is undergoing orthodontic work it is highly recommended that they have regular Craniosacral treatments, it makes it all flow so much easier and we don’t have to pick up the pieces later.

Craniosacral treatments are wonderfully relaxing and de-stressing and are safe for the very young and the very elderly, and everybody in between. Appointments are an hour in duration for adults and half an hour for babies.

Sarah Anne is available on Thursdays and Fridays. Phone 64283007 to book an appointment or to talk to our receptionists. For more information or to join our mailing list check out: www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au