Some of my clients had never heard of body wisdom, so I want to share a little bit about this tonight and then do an experiential exercise with you.

First of all, I want you to realize that your body is a truth detector.

It resonates with authenticity and truth.

Your body has a sense of what is true and what isn’t.

Our monkey mind tends to trick and confuse us.

To get underneath the layers of stress and confusion created by the small mind, we first need to be willing to simply sense, feel and explore a bit.

We actually have 3 main portals that will take us deeper into our inner being.

These doors of awareness are:

1. The mind (higher mind)
2. The heart
3. The lower belly or power center/womb space/hara

We can access this body wisdom through any of these doors.

The higher mind will bring you a sense of clarity.

The heart has the energy of deep love, gratitude, and appreciation.

And the lower belly, the hara, offers you a sense of profound stability and is often the hardest one to reach and remain centred in.

So let’s start this body wisdom exercise.

Just take a few deep breaths, and set your intention for the next few minutes together to feel even more spacious, grateful, open and alive no matter where you are.

Whether you are feeling very challenged and not so great today

Or perhaps you are feeling terrific

Just remember, everything is welcome here

Bring your attention to the heart area in the center of your chest and put your hand on your heart as a kind of anchor.

Imagine you are breathing directly into and out from the heart.

So take a few slow deep breaths.

As you do so, pop into your heart any stress or challenge or conflict that you are experiencing right now.

Or a decision you have to make…

There is an abundance of solutions to whatever is challenging you today.

Be willing to allow your attention to go a little deeper so there is a sense of deepening, or dropping back or leaning back.

And start to shift your state from ‘knowing’ to an attitude of trust.

Notice what quality your heart energy is.

This energy of affection and love has been here since your conception.

Before you learned about right or wrong, prior to any conditioning.

Just be curious… does this space have any boundaries?

Just get in touch with your own heart now and simply feel yourself being held in this space.

You have now fully entered into the heart portal and dropped into your inner being.

Imagine if you could live every day in a place where all limitations cease to exist.

Where you feel at peace with your past and curious about your future..

This is the place where miracles come from.

Your reality can change instantly.

Where solutions suddenly appear that you have never thought of before.

You wonder: where did that come from.

In fact, when you think about the best moments in your life or the greatest experiences, they probably dropped into your lap.

You didn’t have to analyze or worry them into existence.

There is always guidance and support, it is continuously happening.

failure to success I'm possible

So just begin to sense your heart space in a very innocent way…

Breathe in relaxation.

Breathe in softening.

Breathe out limiting thoughts and stress.

Breathe in receiving and curiosity.

See how much love you can feel for them without constriction or distraction.

Feel how warm it is now inside your body.

Create more spaciousness in your body.

With every breath you become more aligned;

Less mind chatter, more glow in your heart.

Think of anything you feel grateful for… anything at all… breathe that in..

Releasing more and more resistance..

Don’t think… just feel your heart….

You are receiving from another plane, not from your strategic mind which has limited wisdom.

This energy right now is coming from your inner being..

You are abundance itself.

As far as wisdom, guidance, solutions, just stay open enough to receive.

It is always great to separate the problem or challenge with some meditation.

Remember you are the antenna!

Which station are you plugged into?

You get to choose which station you want to tune into by separating yourself from your stresses and tuning into your inner core being.

Infinite ideas, solutions, and support are here for you all the time. Keep tuning into it so miracles can unfold for you the way they do for me.

Thank you so much for tuning in, big love, Grada