Our client Jodie had never heard of adrenal fatigue, till she ‘came down’ with chronic issues and irritable bowel.

She couldn’t shake off her symptoms.

In the end she was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue as well.

The majority of the population today have weak adrenals.

Adrenal weakness can lead to Arthritis, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lyme, cysts, Heart disease, hearing loss, cataracts, memory loss, nerve damage, female problems, Prostatitis, Erectile dysfunction, bowel conditions like Crohn’s and IBS, chronic lung issues, and lots more.

Jodie was told it would take months, if not years, for her to make a comeback and for her adrenals to recover.

She was told that some people never fully recover.

Jodie didn’t settle for that, and came to our facilities.

Pete gave her a Biomedx session. After she followed his recommendations, Jodie immediately began to recover and she is fully recovered today.

Here is what we believe about adrenal fatigue.

Your adrenals are not the root cause!

If you play detectives, the signs and symptoms give you a clear trail all the way back to your lymphatic system.

Your Lymphatic system is almost three times larger than the blood.

It has many functions.

It is your body’s immune system, as well as the waste removal system.

What is lymph?

When you pop a pimple, it is 3/4 lymph and 1/4 blood.

Same thing inside your body.

This is the system that is not taught enough about in medical school.

How ironic that its the system where 99% of all pain, inflammation, diseases and conditions originate.

There is so much to learn about this system.

During a Biomedx session, Peter runs specific tests on the liver, kidneys, blood and LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

When the body’s channels of elimination are not functioning properly you will eventually begin to experience symptoms (sometimes very painful ones).

Your liver is your body’s main detoxification centre and it is comprised of 80% lymphatic tissue.

When you heal your liver, you restore your lymphatic system at the same time because your liver is to your lymphatic system what your heart is to your blood system.

LIVER = short for LIVE EVER, or when you have a healthy liver, you can live forever.

I could go into the specific details of how the liver functions and the ways we don’t treat it so nicely but I will leave that up to Pete.

For now, we highly recommend that you improve your health and energy levels with Beetflow and Omnizyme (or another good enzyme) every meal.

When you come to collect your Beetflow and enzymes he will explain briefly how they will improve your health and liver function.

When you book in for a Complete Health Analysis/ Biomedx session Pete will specifically go into how YOUR system is functioning at a metabolic level.

And he will also explain what you can do to totally uplevel your vitality.

So if you are suffering with lack of energy, aches and pains, bellyaches, skin issues, lack of libido and the list goes on…….then start on Beetflow and Omnizyme… and if you don’t improve dramatically, book yourself in for the full Monty, alias a full Biomedx with Peter.

You can ring us on 64283007 or 0428283007 and email us on purplehouseforth@bigpond.com

Looking forward to turning your health around!

Much love, Pete and Grada