It has certainly been challenging for many friends and clients who are going through major upheavals.

Events that have shaken them to their core.

So many people have died recently. Others have had a cancer diagnosis. Some have been betrayed or let down by close friends.

There are parents suffering from empty nests..

These are some examples that really shake us to the very foundation of our nervous system.

We are forced waaaayyy out of our comfort zone…

We struggle for life to take on some semblance of normality.

We want life to get back to how it was.

But that will never happen because the whole purpose of life is to GROW, staying the same is not part of the plan.

Changes, whether they are welcome or not, force us to go beyond our mental model of the world.

Did you know that we only perceive 1 billionth of reality?

There are many more realities and realms out there that we can’t see or experience unless we get jolted out of our comfy position.

It’s like the Universe wants to wake us up a bit.

Our soul knows the truth of this because our soul is infinite, it is free to experience all of life without any fear or judgments.

The trouble starts the moment our mind begins trying to tell us how to fix our problems or challenges.

“What should I do about this?” or

“I should give him a piece of my mind!”

On and on it goes… “I can’t just walk away and ignore what just happened!”

“What if I run out of money?”

“What if I die?” and so on…. Our mind is fixated on getting us back into our comfort zone as fast as possible. .

It hurts badly trying to constantly hold it all together!

Have you ever had the feeling that you are working so hard to keep it all together, only for things to fall apart even faster?

Tonight I want to give you a way out

So you get to experience freedom from pain the easy way.

I want to show you how to connect with your own energy flow, so that it keeps welling up inside of you ….

Filling you up from the inside, making you feel at peace and confident…

Did you know that we live in a universe where everything is energy?

If you took all the empty space or energy away from the cells of the entire world population, 7 billion people would fit INSIDE ONE LITTLE sugar cube.

That is how much space is inside of us.

And this space is energy. It isn’t empty space.

You have a wellspring of beautiful energy inside of you.

It doesn’t come from food or from sleep, because its Divine energy or Universal energy.

You are not taught about this at school, and it’s my mission to teach you about it because you have a right to feel that you can take on the world every day!

So why is it you don’t feel it all the time, or that you experience highs and lows?

The only reason is that you block it.

You block it by closing your mind and heart to it, you close your eyes and ears and hands to it.

That is what you have been conditioned to do since you were a baby.


You started hiding in the darkness within you.

Perhaps you even believed you were born into darkness but nothing could be further from the truth.

When you experience darkness, it simply means that there is no energy or light in that dark place inside you.

The energy is actually still there, but it can’t get in because it isn’t flowing; it is blocked.

That’s why you have no energy when you experience depression.

I want to show you a simple exercise that will help you open your heart again, so you feel light and energized.

I invite you to listen to this video, where I get you to tune into your own unlimited energy source so you get to experience a shift in energy.

This energy is also your immune system.

It is called your life force. Or Chi.

This energy is from your soul, and when you learn to feel it and activate it, you can always recharge yourself no matter what your circumstances are.

I learned how to master this energy 20 years ago and it helped me to recover from a massive truck accident in 2006.

Since then, I have helped 1000’s of clients recover from setbacks, by finding their energy blocks and starting up a fresh flow of energy.

Clients always feel and look 10 years younger after a session.

It is your birthright to know how to connect with it yourself, so you can be confident in your own abilities to heal your life.

And to feel at home in your body.

The practice tonight will help you open your heart, so you can approach life from a place of love, rather than guardedness or restriction.

When your heart is right open, you feel so closed to your loved ones because it truly doesn’t matter to your heart whether they are physically present or whether your loved one is now on the other side!

Your heart is your direct link to the entire Universe!

So enjoy this practice tonight, it will help bring you into alignment with your soul and true self.

Remember I am here to help you get through your challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks, so you can follow your soul purpose.

Call Leica on 64283007 or book an appointment online using the link below if you feel stuck or blocked up somewhere.

I can also work with you remotely, so you don’t need to be in Tasmania to receive help.

Don’t waste any more precious time when the solution is here and you could be feeling so much better!

Yours to a miraculous life!

Much love as always, Grada

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