Harnessing Your Mature Playboy! (for men and women)

Welcome to Harnessing Your Mature Playboy, a movement based workshop designed to help you embody the very unique playfulness, free spirited and sensual nature that is YOUR mature playboy.

The amount of fire emojis I have for this workshop is enormous.

And I’m partially having OCD about how to best describe and present this to you, here’s what it is…

Harnessing Your Mature Playboy is about connecting to your playful, free spirited heart AND the electric sexual aliveness that runs through you.

And importantly doing it with an energy of maturity, honesty and integrity according to you.

Typically, the term ‘playboy’ has a negative connotation. That’s not what this is about.

When you break down ‘play’ and ‘boy’, these two terms are highly important in the development of men.

The healthy nature of both the boy and girl IS one of play, of fun, of wonderment and love for the world, and spontaneity and cheekiness. This spirit brings the child and the world many gifts and in healthy human progression, this heart and spirit is acknowledged and carried into adulthood where it is integrated with us as we become a man or a woman that connects with the world and creates from a place of an open heart.

However in modern culture our playfulness and our heart often gets cut off and shut down through a number of ‘cut off points’ i.e. becoming a teen, playing sport, entering the corporate world. In particular with boys, we get told things like “straighten up,” “harden up,” “don’t be a pussy,” and “quit messing around and get some work done,” beating our very healthy spirit and expression of emotion out of us (or more aptly, deep down inside of us where we hold it like a knot).

As girls, perhaps our play and our heart gets limited by being told we should play a certain way. “Don’t do that, that’s what boys do,” or “That’s not very lady like.” We get shaped, molded and restricted of our expression.

Likewise goes for our sexual nature as Western culture has very poor practices at helping both boys and girls, men and women, to connect to their NATURAL and POWERFUL sexual energy.

Our sexual energy is wildly creative and potent. It is an energy that has personally brought me more aliveness in my body, more expression, has helped me ground and manifest visions and dreams into physical reality, and is simply a whole heap of fun to be connected to.

This workshop is about connecting to these two centres: our heart centre and our sex centre.

You will connect in with YOUR own unique integration of play and sexuality. It is NOT about returning to your inner child. It is about the essence of Play and Sexual Prowess as an adult today.

You will connect to YOUR unique sense of play, cheekiness, fun, flirtatiousness, and sexual energy.

HOW THIS WORKSHOP BE RUN:It will be a movement based workshop where you’ll be facilitated in connecting to your body and letting your playful, unbound heart and your beautiful sexual nature be expressed (through music and movement).

IMPORTANT: There will be no touch between other people. This is a safe space for you to explore your own cheekiness, your own play, your own heart in the moment, your own sensuality. It’s also not about “dancing.” It’s about LETTING yourself be moved, however that looks and feels for YOU. If you want to be still and subtle, that’s okay. If you want to be wild, that’s okay. If you want to run your hands over your body or throw them in the air, that’s okay.

This is a completely safe space free of judgments of how your experience needs to look, feel, sound, or be.

Harnessing Your Mature Playboy will run for a maximum of 6 hours at 47 Wilmot Rd, Forth. Depending on numbers we mayor may not run for the full 6 hours. We will be going between sitting in circle, lying down, and moving your body so bring clothes that you’re comfortable to do those things in. You may want to bring a change of clothes for if you get hot or cold. There will be cushions and blankets provided.

– Ridiculously super early bird price (paid by Saturday 16th September): $140
– Somewhat early but not as early as old mate who got up at 5am (paid by Saturday 30th September): $165
– Standard bird who was happy enough to have a sleep in (paid by Satuday October 21st): $200

REGISTER: Places are limited! Call 0364283007 to register your interest or reserve your place here:



*** FAQ’s ***

Q: What is it?
A: A workshop to help you connect to your own playfulness, your boundless heart, and your VERY powerful sexual energy (key word being “your” – not mine or anyone else’s version. Yours!)

Q: Is it for men only?
A: No. It has nothing to do with being a male bodied human. It’s about the ESSENCE of play, heart, boundlessness and sexuality.

Q: Is it about getting girls or guys?
A: Definitely not. It’s not pickup or dating/relationship coaching. However it’s very likely that you’ll attract more people who desire you romantically because you’re so connected to your heart and sexiness. (That’s where the integrity then comes in).

Q: Where does the integrity come in?
A: Simply put: the more connected to your heart and your sexuality you are, it’s highly likely the more people you’ll be attracted to AND the more people will be attracted to you. It’s then up to you according to your values and knowing your truth about who you want to enter a potential romantic/sexual relationship with. And especially not being manipulative.

Q: I want to come but I’m very nervous.
A: It’s really normal to be nervous when you know you’re going to face parts of yourself that will be uncomfortable i.e. your relationship with your body. This in essence means the workshop has already begun for you #winning. Because you now are in the amazing position of feeling a little uncomfortable. You get to enquire and be curious. You get to embrace another part of you. And in my experience, the more comfortable I can be with feeling uncomfortable and the more I embrace more of me, the freer I am. The more alive, expressive and playful I am. The more I help others. The more money I make. I could go on and on but if you’re nervous then I see this as a good thing.

Something that happens when we’re in a fear state is our mind creates worst case scenario. It makes up fantasy delusions, pictures and stories about what will happen or what the experience is going to be like. One way to help bring balance to this is to ask, “What’s ACTUALLY the worst that could happen? And what’s the best thing that could happen?” I’d personally say the worst thing that could happen is you get nothing out of it. The best thing that could happen is it could change your life. Maybe it will be insanely awakening. Maybe it will be uncomfortable and you then get to explore that and unlock that.
Another question to ask is, “What do I need emotionally in this situation?” Is it to feel safe? To trust yourself? To give yourself permission to be scared? To give yourself permission to have a great experience?
P.s. These questions regarding fear can be used with any fears/nerves.

Q: I’ve done Dancing Eros. How is this different?
A: Friggen great question you! Having done Dancing Eros myself and having witnessed twice, in my perception this embodiment work of my workshop has a lot more ‘outward’ energy. The archetypes of DE feel very ‘in’ to me. Like, exploring every trickle of pleasure, pain, numbness, feeling etc. going in, in, in. The Mature Playboy archetype is very much about letting your heart and sexual nature carry outwards into the world. Yet it’s not about being playful or sensual from a place of showiness. It’s still about how good being connected in this way is for you.

Q: Do I have to dance for anyone?
A: No. This is not a dance class or a show or a performance.

Q: Do I have to dance sexy/sensual?
A: No. You can move any way you’d like to. It doesn’t have to look ‘good’ or look like dancing.

End FAQs


I’m REALLY excited about bringing this edgy, fun, heart opening event to you.

Men, ladies… if you ready to access a new level of fun, playfulness, confidence, connectiong with yourself and others then this is for you.

Share this with yo man, your gurl, your friends, who ever!

A man connected to his heart and sexuality, walking with integrity is a gift to himself and the world.


***** TESTIMONIALS *****

“Kristian has a true gift! I cannot speak more highly of the way in which Kristian facilitates. He created a space where I felt wholehertedly comfortable to not only explore but also embody my self expression. It was such a beautiful experience to allow what is authentically true to channel through me.

Since attending the workshop I have noticed an effortless flow to my actions and an acknowledgement of all my feelings, both positive and negative. I am owning all parts of who I am. I have realised I am not only a nurturer but also a leader. I feel centred, grounded and empowered. I have stepped in to a leadership role and am leading in a supportive, empowering way, encouraging others to reach their full potential. I have found my voice. I have attracted lots of incredible people, experiences and opportunities in to my life as my energy is flowing naturally. I recommend this workshop to everyone. A new experience can sometimes feel confronting or abnormal. The abnormality passes when the new experience is embodied and no longer new. This workshop put a mirror up in front of my inner strength. It taught me what I had been fearful of and why.

Since attending the workshop I have dived head first in to opportunities I had previously feared. These opportunities are still scary because they mean so much to me. The difference is, I have whole heartedly jumped in to these opportunities with two feet, despite the fear I feel. The difference is an acknowledgement of my feelings and how they were effecting me. I have learnt if I have acknowledgement of my feelings, I have choice. The value of this workshop is so much more than I have described here. Thank you Kristian. My gratitude is beyond words.”


“Thank you for tonight Kristian. It was fun and got me completely of out my comfort zone which I needed. It felt really nice to be able to express myself in such a way within a safe environment.”