If there was a Switch in your Hands that could INSTANTLY give you energy, would you use it?

Would you give it a try?

I am going to show you how easy it is, so join me here!

1) Always start with holding your own hands and placing them in your lap.

Take 6 breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth, focusing on the out-breath. Slow it down. This is teaching your body to unwind and relax so you have a good night’s sleep tonight.

2) Clap fingers and roll around.

If you hear clicking and clacking that means energy is being released and unblocked.

3) From there, pull fingers out from the base and shake loose.

4) Palmar flexion in both directions and then push from side to side

5) Thumb walking starting at the tailbone, walking up the spine to the top of the head.

This move opens, relaxes and strengthens the spine and you can rub away stiffness, pain or tension.

6) Massage the brain point.

Or you can energize and rejuvenate your brain by holding your favourite crystal while you focus on the out-breath.

7) We do the second brain, the digestive system.

Thumb walk the palm of your hand and any direction or all directions if you have digestive upsets.

8) Focus on the kidney reflexes right in the centre of the hand.

As you do so, have a drink of water. Remember to have your 2 or 3 litres of water per day.

9) Do the adrenals.

These points might be quite crunchy, so take special care when you massage them.

Very good for stress release.

10) Do the fingers.

Make a claw of your working hand and do a finger rotation massage towards your body.

Work your way up to the tips, then finger walk down to the base. Great for eyes, ears, and sinusy issues.

11) Thumb walk the dorsal aspect, going in between the metacarpals.

This helps your lymphatics, great for breast health and also for relaxing the back muscles.

12) Pull out fingers from base and flick.

13) Rotate your hands.

14) Finish off where you began, by placing your hands in your lap, breath out slowly 6 times.

If you find any sore spots, spend a bit of extra time there, go backward and forwards. Be curious and check out what that spot might mean and pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.

Before you know it you will feel the tension leave your body, your nervous system relaxes and your brain calms down.

Do this 5 to 10minute routine and soon you will be feeling great! You only have one body, and it wants to serve you well!

You will be surprised how quickly chronic problems clear up and you will be doing it all by yourself.

Much love, till next time, Grada

PS if you need any help or support, email us at purplehouseforth@bigpond.com or call us on 0428283007.

Stay safe and healthy!

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