Energy is ‘woo-woo’ ?

Energy fields ARE measurable with modern-day equipment. It is science! Energy healing sessions counter negativity, restructures intra- and extracellular water, neutralize the negative effects of WIFI and radiation, clear lingering energy blocks caused by earlier trauma, and bring restoration to the human nervous system. Pete and I have known about the magic of energy medicine[…]

Have you Heard of Lockdown Breakdown?

It’s the new name for the pent-up feelings of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm we’ve all been dealing with since early 2020 due to circumstances outside our control. People’s nervous systems are at breaking point. Here is the thing: when you’re in burnout, you’re too focused on things outside your control. When you zoom in on[…]

The Biggest Myth About HEARTBURN And ANTACIDS Busted!

Can you relate to this? Always feeling exhausted, Worried about bad breath/halitosis, Constipation/diarrhea, Acid reflux Burping or bloating after eating, Dizziness, Weak or brittle nails, Struggling with fungal infections, If you tick any of these boxes, I want you to meet Tracy, my client, who was such a tough case that no other specialist had[…]

Is your digestive system balanced ?

It’s often difficult to get the digestive system balanced when something like CANDIDA or other PARASITES have gotten a foothold in your life. Therefore, any digestive balancing attempt needs to address the yeast/parasite issue. If you find yourself struggling with digestion-related symptoms; take our self test below to see if candida or parasites might be playing a[…]